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Benefit of powder coating in metal fabrication.

The metal fabrication company plays an important role in everything which we use in our daily life. It’s extremely strong as it holds ups the rod and building and in other many of such metals, you use unknowingly in your appliances, cars, and gadgets.

First lets us understand why metal finishing is important

Raw metal has its own drawbacks, without the right Finishing, the exposed metal can tarnish & corrode. Metal fabricators realized a long time back that well finishing is an important reason for the product’s durability and lengthy life. They also knew that the right finishing to their metallic product gives some better-looking appearances that make them extra valuable. For many years; metal fabricators had some different options for finishing products. Liquid paint uses to be the first choice for most metal products. Regular liquid paints, whether oil or waterborne, had their drawbacks too. The conventional painting took a lot of time, and also required proper conditions, and performed poorly until professionally applied.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Representing over 15% of the entire commercial finishing market; powder coating is used on a big range of products. According to many companies’ powder coatings for a high-quality, long-lasting finishing, bearing in mind maximization of the production, stepped forward efficiencies, and a few environmental compliances.

What are the benefits of powder coating in metal fabrication?

  • Durability- When it comes to durability powder coating is the best option than painting. Powder coated objects hold out against excessive weather, chemical touch, and bodily collision.
  • Economy- Raw materials which are used in this process are specially purchased for the size and specifications of the work. The powder itself is cheaper than paint and it can also be stored in a way that takes less place than paints cans.
  • Environment Friendly- Powder used in powder coating is solvent and chemical free. It is generally known for being safe to use and for disposal. The process of powder coating doesn’t harm the environment. But the painters have to wear protective gear to protect their skin.
  • Electromagnetic charge- is used to hold powder to the part, so the amount of wastage in this process is very less.
  • Consumer Recognition-Consumers know powder coating as a quality mark. Powdered surfaces have a distinguished dry and even look that’s unique to the powder coating process. That makes the statement of care and quality that equals value and satisfaction.

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