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Welding vs Metal Fabrication – What’s the Difference

Many times, people misunderstand welding and metal fabrication to be the same, while in reality, they are not really the same. By definition, fabrication is the process by which a project is created out of metal, and welding is included in this process sometimes as a singular option.On the other hand, welding means joining two pieces of metal, glass, or thermoplastics that have similar melting points and compositions. This is done through fusion.In the process of fabrication, a metal product is created, right from its layout, to its design, to its formation and finishing. Because of multi-talented workmen and the ever-evolving industry, welders can fabricate, and fabricators can weld.

Difference between Welding and Metal Fabrication

Tools used are very Different:

Metal fabricators usually specialize in metal cutting, machining, and bending. The beginning of the fabrication process is usually done by cutting sheets of metal to their appropriate size. This task is completed with the help of various different cutting machines like laser cutters, mechanical saws, and plasma torches. A lathe is used after this to remove certain parts of the metal. For example, holes have to be created through which bolts will pass. The required angles that are to be given to the piece of metal are then added with the help of bending machines like stretchers and shears.

On the other hand, a whole different set of tools are in the process of welding. The tools used are welding clamps, torches, consumable electrodes, and power sources. Welding also needs the use of various safety equipment. The workers’ eyes have to be protected during welding, and this is done when the auto-darkening welding helmets are worn. This is done for protection from ultraviolet rays that is produced while welding. Respirators are used for protection from dangerous fumes.

Fabrication Encompasses many Techniques:

As mentioned earlier, welding is the process of fusing two or more metal pieces together. There are various different welding techniques, and one of them have individual strengths and weaknesses. Some different types of welding processes are flux core arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding.

On the other hand, fabrication starts with layout and design. This is when the engineers decide how a certain structure has to be built. Things like cutting, machining, and forming metal parts have to be kept in mind. Various different tools and equipment is used for the fabrication of a certain product.

Fabrication and Welding require different Skill sets:

in the process of fabrication, the metal piece is placed on a particular tool, after which the tool is manipulated very carefully to accomplish the required task. Whereas in welding, stationary tools are required. Welding is usually done by hand by the welders. The process of welding requires more specialized workmen.

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