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Double Ferrule Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are used in industries to produce leak-free tube connections speedily and efficiently. Double ferrule compression fittings are made for the same purpose, but it has different components. It has an outer nut, two deformable front and back ferrules in soft alloy and, a tube fitting body. These fittings are readily available in metric as well as fractional tube sizes. When the fitting nut is winded on the tube, then the ferrules get defaced to produce a strong seal. Double ferrule compression fittings offer leak-tight connections for any tolerances in the external tube wall, thickness, diameter, and material hardness.

About double ferrule compression fittings

Double ferrule compression fittings allow the consolidation between two metric tubes and two fractional tubes. It also offers the combination of a fractional tube at one end and a metric tube on the other end. These fittings are available in a conventional size range. For fractional sizes, these fittings are available between 1/16″ and 2″, and for metric sizes, these are available between 2 and 50 mm.

Application of Double ferrule compression fittings

Double ferrule compression fittings are essentially used in many industries such as laboratories, aeronautical, downstream petrochemical, pulp and paper industry, shipbuilding, defence, semiconductors manufacturing, power generation, and many other heavy industries.

Benefits of Double ferrule compression fittings:

  • The benefits or features of these fittings can be varied as per the manufacturer. These fittings have numerous features that make them perfect to use.
  • High-quality Double ferrule compression fittings come with silver plated threads on nuts, which ensure to avoid galling on the body threads.
  • These fittings have excellent corrosion resistance.
  • It has gaugeable Bodies.
  • It offers zero leakage under different severe operation conditions.
  • It offers high resistance against corrosion, high-pressure, and extreme temperature.
  • These fittings are easy to operate, which can save time and cost of maintenance.
  • These fittings can be reused.
  • Leak-proof joints of fitting are capable of withstanding high-pressure vacuum as well as vibration operations.
  • Double ferrule compression fittings are suitable for low torque operation.

Types of Double ferrule compression fittings:

Double ferrule compression fittings have different types that are used as per the demands of any application

  • Connectors:

This type of Double ferrule compression fittings are available in various families like male connector and female connector, bulkhead male connector, and bulkhead female connector. These are also available in butt weld pipe connector and socket weld tube connectors. All these connectors are widely demanded by many industries.

  • Elbows:

Elbows are also available in male type and female type. Elbows are a vital part of fittings, which are available in many dimensions.

  • Tees:

Tees are available in types like a male run tee and female-run tee, male branch tees, and female branch tees. These types of tees are selected by considering the fitting specifications.

  • Other types:

Other types of Double ferrule compression fittings include end closures, which are available for tube as well as fitting. Reducers and unions are also types of these fittings.
All these types of ferrule fittings are widely accessible in all dimensions and specifications.

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