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Fastener Tensile Strength V/S. Yield Strength: Which is more important?

The use of fasteners should usually be included in the design process of the manufacture of electronics and other products. If you get the technical issues right, aluminum hex tap bolts and titanium carriage bolts will work well for you. For this, you need to have basic knowledge about the mechanics of fasteners.

One of the main differences to know is between the tensile strength and the yield strength. This is so because understanding this difference will help you figure the right kind of fasteners for your particular job.

The yield strength and tensile strength of a fastener determine the complete overall strength of the fastener. The kind of strength one wants in a fastener, they should be sure about that before buying them. This is so because it influences the value for money that they will get on this. When you spent a higher amount on a very good fastener with amazing properties, but you don’t need those properties, you will be spending extra on something that you don’t even need. Whereas, if you get underperforming fasteners, you will have to deal with fastener failures. The yield strength and the fastener strength are two factors that determine the amount of strength a fastener has.

The Yield Strength

The yield strength is a factor that determines how much the fastener will take for it to deform around 0.2%. The change in shape or size is usually determined by the deformation. The previously mentioned value is chosen because it is the threshold at which the fasteners start to fail.

The Tensile Strength

The tensile strength measures the amount of force that the fastener can bear. This factor is usually tested in a lab, since the environment is under control there. All the times that it has been tested, it has been proven that the tensile strength is generally much higher than the yield strength.

Which one should you consider while choosing fasteners?

By using tensile strength as the main factor to determine which kind of fastener is required by you, you will be able to decide if that particular fastener will bear huge forces or not. If you are sure that the tensile strength of a particular fastener is more than the actual amount of maximum load that they will be subjected to, they will easily be deformation-proof under any condition that you put them in.

While evaluating the strength of the fasteners, the environment that they will be used in should also be considered. for example, extreme heat can reduce the yield strength of the fastener. This particular problem should be kept in mind before buying the fastener for your application.

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