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Half Couplings – Types, Uses and Dimension

Half Couplings

Have you ever heard of a half coupling? Chances are, probably not! But if you’re in the field of industrial engineering or any industry that works with pipes and tubing, then it’s likely a part that you come across often. This blog post will discuss what exactly half couplings are and their various uses.

What is a Half Coupling?

A half coupling is a type of connector used to join two pieces of piping or tubing. It consists of two halves that screw together, one with an internal thread and the other with an external thread. The connection is threaded for stability, ensuring that the pieces remain connected even when exposed to high levels of pressure. Half couplings can be made from either steel or brass, depending on your needs.

Half Couplings Types

There are several different types of half couplings available on the market today. These include standard half couplings, which are typically used for general water applications; heavy-duty half couplings, which offer greater strength and durability; swivel half couplings that allow for easy installation; and adjustable half couplings that can be tightened or loosened as needed to ensure a secure connection. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific application.

Half Couplings Uses

Half couplings are commonly used in many industries, including plumbing, automotive repair, HVAC systems, etc. They can be used to connect two sections of pipe or tubing together quickly and securely without having to cut the pipes themselves. This makes them perfect for repairs on the fly since they don’t require any welding or soldering. They also make excellent connectors for water lines in residential homes because they provide a reliable seal without having to use expensive tools like soldering irons or blow torches.

Half Couplings Dimension

Half Couplings Dimension

NPS Length Outside Dia Min Thread Length
1/2 48 28 10.9 13.6
3/4 51 35 12.7 13.9
1 60 44 14.7 17.3
1.1/4 67 57 17 18
1.1/2 79 64 17.8 18.4
2 86 76 19 19.2
2.1/2 92 92 23.6 28.9
3 108 108 25.9 30.5
4 121 140 27.7 33


In conclusion, half couplings are an indispensable tool for anyone working with pipes and tubes in any industry from plumbing to automotive repair. They provide quick and secure connections between two sections of pipe without requiring extensive tools or skillsets like soldering or welding. As such, it’s no wonder these small but powerful connectors continue to be popular among those who work with piping systems regularly!

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