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How are Copper, Brass and Bronze different?

Copper, brass, and bronze, also known as the “Red – Metal ,” may seem similar at first glance but are indeed quite different.


Copper is applicable in various products because of its superb Thermal and Electric conductivity, good strength and formability, and corrosion resistance.
Copper is orange tinted red colored metal which is usually used in Pipe and Pipe fittings because it is resistant to corrosion. Copper pipe fittings are easily soldered and brazed, and can be welded using a variety of steam, and resistance methods. These can polished and made smooth in a texture. The amount of impurities may vary from grade to grade. Oxygen-free copper grades are mostly seen in applications requiring high conductivity and ductility.
Copper is usually used make instruments and adornments, copper is also used to sterilize wounds and purify drinking water. Because of its potential to correctly conduct electricity, it is now most widely used in electrical materials such as wiring.


Brass is primarily a copper alloy with added zinc. Brasses may be made of different concentrations of zinc or more different components. These mixtures contain a variety of colour specifications and variations. The percentage of zinc present in the metal helps it to enhance its toughness and malleable. The color of brass metal may vary from Yellow to Red depends upon the percentage of zinc present in it.

  • If the amount of zinc in ranges from 32 to 39 percent, it has the ability to increase hot working ability, and cold working is minimal.
  • If the zinc content is more than 39 percent that, it has high strength and low ductility at normal temperature .

The use of brass for decor use mostly due to its similarity to gold. Most of musical instruments and made of brass due to its long workable durability.


Bronze is a alloy which generally comprises of copper along with few more elements. Bronze usually has Tin, but Arsenic, Phosphorus, Manganese, Aluminum and Silicon which leads to various properties in this material. All of these components make the metal more hard than only copper .
Bronze is recognized by its golden dull colour. Bronze and brass can be easily identified because of its surface which have fainted rings on it.
Bronze is also used in making sculptures, musical instruments and medals too. Bronze also has industrial uses on a wide range such as bushing and bearing, it is mostly applicable where there is metal friction on low metals. Bronze is also has a naval application due to corrosion resistant property.
There are other bronze alloys like:

  • Phosphorus Bronze or Tin Bronze
  • Nickel Brass / Nickel Silver
  • Copper Nickel or Cupronickel
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Silicon Bronze

Which metal is most expensive?

Probably copper is the most expensive amongst the 3 red metals. All three metals has copper content in them, but the presence of this content is low in Brass and Bronze, the pure form of copper are elements are immersed. Due to this the brass and bronze costs low. Bronze is mostly expensive compared to brass, as it needs to go under more process during its formation

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