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How many types of anchor bolts are there?

Anchor bolts are created to connect structural components to concrete. Anchor bolts are generally used to attach steel metal to concrete. It’s one end is inserted into the concrete, and another end is threaded to connect structural support. There are four types of anchor bolts such as double-end rods with plate, L-shaped, headed, and swedge type. Every type of anchor bolt is available with different sizes, uses, and advantages.

Double End Rods with Plate

These types of anchor bolts have double end rods with a plate washer, which is added to one end. The plate can be joined to the anchor bolt itself, or it can be tack joined to a nut surrounded in concrete. These plate bolts are used fundamentally in highway signs, constructing columns for buildings, and many other applications. This type of anchor bolt is available in 3/8”-4” diameter and demanded length. These bolts are available in different standards, such as F1554 -36, F1554-55, F1554-105, A307, A193 B7, and many stainless steel grades.

L-Shaped Anchor Bolts

TheseL-Shaped anchor bolts are widely utilized in different applications such as sign structures, heavy equipment, light poles, and tooling. These L-shaped anchor bolts are available in diameter sizes like 3/8”-2.5”. These bolts are available in all demanded lengths. This type of anchor bolts is available in various standards such as F1554 -36, F1554-55, F1554-105, A307, A193 B7, and stainless steel grades like 304 and 316. These anchor bolts are widely used in many industrial applications, which are making fastening perfect and strong.

Headed Anchor Bolts

TheseHeaded anchor bolts have one forged head on its unthreaded edge. It generally has a heavy hex, hex, or square head. The head of this anchor bolt is embedded in the concrete to ensure different constructions such as bridge railing, structural columns, and light poles. Headed anchor bolts are available in varying diameters like 1/2”-2” diameter and varying lengths. These anchor bolts are also available in standards like A193 B7, A307, F1554 -36, F1554-105, F1554-55, and different grades of stainless steel.

Swedge Bolts

TheseAs it means, in Swedged bolts, one end of this bolt has various indentions to enable concrete to pass into them. Swedge bolts have one end with a round bar threaded and swedged on another end. Swedge bolts are commonly domestic, and they are utilized to connect girders and piers. Most of the time, swedge bolts are hot-dipped plated and come in diameters varying from 5/8” to 4”. They are also obtainable in different materials and grades.

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