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How to Laser Weld Titanium?

How to Laser Weld Titanium

Laser welding is a complex process that requires precision and skill. But for those who are interested in learning how to use this technology, it’s well worth the effort. Titanium is a metal that can be difficult to weld due to its high strength and melting point. However, with laser welding, titanium can be successfully joined together with amazing results. In this article, we will discuss the basics of laser welding titanium and what you need to know before attempting it.

Safety First!

It goes without saying that safety should always come first when working with lasers. Before attempting any kind of laser welding project, make sure that you are wearing the proper safety equipment, such as eye protection, gloves and a face shield. Additionally, ensure that your work area is clean and free from any debris or flammable materials.

Selecting Your Laser Machine

When choosing a laser machine for titanium welding projects, there are several things to consider such as beam quality, power output and spot size. The beam quality should be at least 2 microns or better in order to provide optimal results while still being efficient enough to not overheat the material being worked on. The power output should also be sufficient enough to properly melt the titanium but not too powerful so as to cause excessive heat build-up or other damage. Lastly, the spot size should be small enough for precision welds but large enough for higher throughput jobs if necessary.

Setting Up Your Project

Once you have selected your laser machine and set up your work area, it’s time to start thinking about your project specifics, such as joint geometry and material thicknesses. It’s important to keep these factors in mind when setting up a titanium welding job, as they can affect the overall result of the welded material. Additionally, make sure you have all of your tools on hand before starting – such as jigs, clamps and other fixtures – so that you don’t have any delays during the welding process itself.


Laser welding titanium is an intricate process that requires careful consideration before attempting it yourself. By understanding the basics of how laser welding works and selecting the right equipment for your particular project needs, you can ensure successful results every time! With practice and patience, anyone can become an expert at laser welding titanium with beautiful results each time!

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