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How to Make Brushed Copper

Brushed Copper

Copper has been used for centuries for its beauty and durability. Copper is a popular choice for craft projects, whether in jewelry, coins, or home décor. If you want to add metallic shine to your next project, why not try making brushed copper? This guide will walk you through creating beautiful copper pieces with a brushed finish.

Gather Your Supplies



First, you’ll need to gather all the necessary supplies. You will need copper sheets or sheets of copper-plated brass (the type of metal used will depend on the project), sandpaper (ranging from fine grit to coarse grit), steel wool, and a polishing cloth. If you want to add an antique patina finish later in the process, you can also pick up some green patina solution.

Sanding and Steel Wool

Once your supplies are ready, begin by sanding down the metal surface with the sandpaper until it has a slightly rough texture. To achieve a more even finish between different sections of your piece (if it consists of several parts), use finer grain paper progressively until you reach a medium-fine texture. Then take some steel wool and lightly rub it over your piece to give it an even smoother texture.

Polishing and Patina Solution

If desired, you can now add an antique patina solution to give your piece an aged look. To do so, dip a brush into the solution and apply it evenly across the surface of your piece. The longer you let it sit before wiping off any excess liquid (using a soft cloth) will determine how much of an aged effect is achieved with each application. Once that is done, use another soft cloth to polish away any remaining residue created by the patina solution until all that remains is a beautiful brushed copper finish!


Creating brushed copper is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance; all it takes is some simple supplies and basic knowledge about how metals react when exposed to different treatments like sanding and polishing solutions! With practice, anyone can create stunning pieces with unique finishes using basic materials found around the house or easily purchased online! So why give brushing copper yourself a try today? We hope this beginner’s guide helped you get started on your new project! Good luck!

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