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How to MIG Weld Stainless Steel to Mild Steel?

How to MIG weld stainless steel to mild steel?

Have you ever wanted to join mild steel and stainless steel together? If so, MIG welding is a perfect choice. MIG welding allows you to create a strong bond between two dissimilar metals. Read on to learn how to properly weld stainless steel to mild steel using a MIG welding machine.

Prepping the Metal

Before beginning your welding project, it’s important to properly prep the metal. Start by cleaning the surface of both metals with a wire brush or sandpaper in order to remove any dirt or debris. Next, use a grinder or sander to remove any oxidation from the surfaces of both metals. This will help ensure that you get a better weld. Finally, make sure that both pieces are lined up correctly before beginning your weld.

Choosing Your Wire

The type of wire used for this particular project is important; for joining mild steel and stainless steel, it’s best to use an ER308L filler rod. This type of rod is designed specifically for joining these two types of metals together, and it won’t cause excess cracking when used correctly. However, if you’re unsure which kind of wire to use for your project, be sure to consult an expert beforehand!

Welding Process

Now that your metals are prepped, and your wire is chosen, it’s time to begin the welding process! Start by setting up your welder according to manufacturer instructions—the settings may vary depending on what type of machine you have—and then select the appropriate voltage range based on the thickness of both materials being joined (typically 30-40 volts). Once everything is ready, begin slowly moving the torch along the joint while applying pressure at a steady rate until both pieces are fully fused together. As always, safety should be paramount during this process; be sure that you’re wearing appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and a face shield, before starting your weld!

  • The first step in MIG welding stainless steel to mild steel is to clean the two metals. This can be done using a wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Next, set up your welder for MIG welding stainless steel. This includes setting the amperage and wire speed.
  • Begin welding by running a bead of weld on the mild steel.
  • When you reach the stainless steel, stop welding and change the polarity of your welder.
  • Finish welding by running a bead of weld on the stainless steel.


MIG welding is an excellent way to join mild steel and stainless steel together. With some prep work and careful consideration when selecting your wire rod and setting up your machine, you can easily create strong joints between these two types of metal without worrying about excessive cracking or other issues down the line. Following these steps will help ensure that your finished product looks great—and stays strong for years! So next time you need to join mild steel and stainless steel together, remember this guide and get started on your welding project today!

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