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How to Select the Appropriate Fasteners?

how to select the ideal fasteners

A single fastener cannot be used for all purposes. Different kinds of applications require different types of fasteners to finish the work. But from so many fasteners, how do you know which one is the right choice for you. One of the most important parameters to choose from is the perfect alloy for your use.

Three ways to choose fasteners appropriately for your work are:

Know the application:

There is a list of applications of industrial fasteners. It is important to know your application of the fastener before choosing the fastener. Whether you use chromium-molybdenum or mild steel, depends on the requirements of your application. To use a certain fastener, one should know how to use the standards too. For example, ASTM A307 is the grade used for making carbon steel bolts, studs, and threaded rods to the maximum tensile strength of 60,000 TSI. Stainless steel bolts, hex cap screws, and studs are made from ASTM F593. For special applications, like high pressure or high-temperature services, ASTM A193 is used.

Select the right type of fastener for the application:

The main question that arises here is that if the fastener will fit your application or not. Many times, more than one fastener type will fulfill the use in your application. A typical bolt, has a head, a shaft, and a threaded end. There are different types of bolts based on the design of the head, hex, socket head, screw head, and many more. The selection of the appropriate bolt head is very necessary because the amount of torque that the bolt can take depends on that. Whereas, the application of the bolt depends on its length. One example in which the length is important is the flange bolt. A flange bolt has to have a length that can hold together a washer, the flange, the flange gasket, another washer, the companion flange, and the nut. The selection of the right thread is also very important. Coarse threads promote quicker assembly of the parts, whereas fine threads take a longer time to assemble as compared to coarse threads.

Materials of construction:

Carbon steel is the most widely used material for fasteners. it has a list of great properties and a wide range of workability. The hex head fasteners, graded 2, 5, and 8, are the most commonly used fasteners and are the least expensive. Hex head bolts graded 5 are typically used in automotive applications.

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