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Selection, Grouping, and Use of Anchor Bolts

What is an Anchor Bolt?

A mechanical fastener that connects multiple objects to a concrete surface is known as an anchor bolt. Civil engineers often utilize these heavy-duty fasteners. Anchor bolts have a specific design that keeps equipment and structures safe and in place.

Anchor Bolt Selection

Selecting or picking the correct anchor bolt depends on several elements. Some of the essential factors to consider while selecting anchor bolts are:

  • Anchor bolt hole size: As the diameter increases, so does the load-carrying capacity.
  • Anchor bolt length: The deeper the embedment within the concrete, the greater the load-bearing power. The National Concrete Masonry Association recommends an anchor bolt length embedded in concrete. According to them, the effective embedment length must be more than (4*d) or 2′′.
  • The base material of the object.
  • The structure’s environmental circumstances
  • The maximum load or weight that the anchor can withstand
  • Type of load: The holding capacity of anchor bolts reduces with vibrating and shocking loads.
  • The material strength of the anchor bolt.
  • Type of the concrete
  • The size and position of the fittings
  • The desired appearance of the finished product
  • Anchor spacing requirement.

Anchor Bolt Categorizing

Anchor bolts are grouped to maximize their load capacity. However, the mechanical behavior of the anchor bolt group is determined by the distance between anchor bolts and the difference in applied forces.

Causes of Anchor Bolt failures

Any of the following failure scenarios can cause anchor bolts to fail:

  • Tensile loads cause anchor bolt steel to break, pull out from the hole, and other problems.
  • Concrete edge failure, steel failure, and pry-failure are all instances of shear loads.
  • Because of the combined impact of tensile and shear loads.

Applications of Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts fasten and attach structural and non-structural parts to concrete. They are utilized in nearly every sector. Anchor bolts are widely used in the following industries:

  • For repairing different parts of equipment, support foundations, and other structural parts in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.
  • Power and Steel Industry
  • Construction Industries.
  • The hospitality industry includes: To install devices on the ceilings or walls.
  • Railways and the aircraft industry manufacturing plants and Pipeline industries.
  • Pharmaceutical and food processing plants.
  • The nuclear industry.

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