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Square and Round Hollow Sections (HSS)

Square Hollow Section (SHS)

Square Hollow Section is usually utilized in structural and mechanical applications when a balance is needed between strength and functionality. Square Hollow Section has equal-sided symmetry, which makes it appreciative demand and also making it efficient for joining and other manufacturing processes. This type of hallow section can be cut in the straight format while joining other flat surfaces. These sections require minimal edge arrangement while joining and welding. Square Hollow Section has excellent surface finishing and available in many materials as per the requirements of industries. These sections are readily available in many dimensions and specifications.

Properties of Square Hollow Section

  • Perfect for post applications as compared to different structural sections
  • Flat surfaces make it inexpensive and convenient to joints.
  • The uniformity of these hollow sections makes it ideal to use and also make it visually appealing.
  • Square Hollow Section has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio.
  • Square Hollow Section is easy to bend and hence easy to handle.
  • It is cost-effective and perfect to use in large industrial projects.
  • These sections are available in a wide range of dimensions.

Round Hollow Section (RHS)

Round or Circular Hollow Section are also recognized as round steel tubes. These are one of the common types of steel sections which are widely used in a variety of formats in different industries. These sections are made by rolling steel sheet and a slit coil. These Round Hollow Sections are suitable to use in various applications in mechanical engineering as well as in the building industry. These sections can be made in any suitable material as per the demand of industries. Round Hollow Sections have qualities like lightweight, durable, and convenient to use in high-pressure applications. These sections are widely used in various mechanical, structural, and construction areas because of many features. With consistent mechanical properties, these hollow sections have the strength and excellent surface finishing. Excellent quality Round Hollow Sections are also suitable to use in applications at low temperatures.

Applications of Round Hollow Sections:

  • Cranes
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Machine Construction
  • Vehicle Construction
  • Offshore Structures
  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Steel Projects such as airports, stadiums, and bridges.

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