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State the Uses of Steel Matting

Steel Matting is also commonly referred to as welded wire mesh. It is an intersection of metal wires and looks like a mat. These wires are tough and impenetrable. They are soldered together. They are extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting. They can withstand heat for extended periods. Steel Mats are versatile and have multiple applications.

Here are some of the common applications of Steel Matting:

Machine Safety:

Steel Matting is tough and is great at withstanding impact. It is perfect for building fences and protection for machinery. It can be used to make baskets to transfer material. Steel mats are flexible and can be easily moved from place to place. It helps in keeping the pieces of machinery of a workplace secure from unwanted and unauthorized access.


Construction sites are one of the places that use Steel Matting the most. Steel mats are always seen around construction sites. These mats are used to strengthen building facades making them safe and durable. It is perfect to build foundations for huge structures before putting down pavements. Galvanized Steel mats that are treated with zinc are the most commonly utilized lately.

Decorative Appearance:

Steel Matting significantly increases the decorative appeal of the structures they are used in. They are not just visually appealing but also are very functional. They can be used as partitions between rooms. They are used to make safety nets for doors and windows. It is used with exhaust fans in the kitchen. They can be easily upgraded and modified by adding colors. They add a visual charm to structures, doors, windows, and furniture.

Safety and Security:

Steel Mats are used in fences at playgrounds and stadiums to protect the audience. One of their advantages here is that it doesn’t affect the visuals and sound reaching the audience. It is very difficult to climb up steel mats as they have tiny pores or holes. Hence, they can be used at custody homes or as security fencing.

Animal Farms and Farming:

Steel mats can be used to cage animals as well as protect tiny plants and shrubs. They are used to build hen coops and pig pens. They are used to create segregation between farms. They have tough impact resistance and hence protect farm animals and crops from any speeding vehicles. They can also be used at zoos, clinics, and veterinarian clinics to keep the animals at bay.

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