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Steel Pipe Coupling – Types, Uses and Dimension

Steel Pipe Coupling

Steel pipe couplings are a common type of piping used in industrial and residential applications. They connect two metal or plastic piping sections, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. If you’re looking to use steel pipe couplings in your project, it’s essential to understand what they are and how they work. Let’s discuss the types of steel pipe couplings, their uses, and why they’re so important.

Steel Pipe Coupling Types

There are many different types of steel pipe couplings, including full-encirclement, slip-on, split sleeve, screw-on, and flanged. Each type has its own unique characteristics and is designed for specific applications. Full encirclement couplings are made up of two parts that encase the pipe ends entirely, while slip-on couplings require no additional hardware as they slide onto the pre-existing pipes. Split sleeve couplings consist of two sleeves that fit around the outside of each pipe end, while screw-on couplings require screws to fasten them together securely. Finally, flanged couplings can be tightened by bolts or screws, depending on the application.

Steel Pipe Coupling Uses

Steel pipe coupling can be used for various applications, including water lines, gas lines, irrigation systems, oil pipelines, etc. They provide a secure connection between pipes which is essential for any system that needs to remain leak free. Additionally, steel pipe couplings allow for easy installation and maintenance since they do not require extra tools or hardware to install or repair them as needed. This makes them an ideal choice for creating long-lasting connections between pipes without having to worry about potential problems down the line.

Steel Pipe Coupling Dimension

Steel Pipe Coupling Dimension

Inch. Full Coupling Half Coupling # 3000 # 6000
A A/2 B C D D
1/8 32 A/2 6.7 6.4 16 22
1/4 35 A/2 10.2 8.1 19 25
3/8 38 A/2 10.4 9.1 22 32
1/2 48 A/2 13.6 10.9 28 38
3/4 51 A/2 13.9 12.7 35 44
1 60 A/2 17.3 14.7 44 57
1 1/4 67 A/2 18 17 57 64
1 1/2 79 A/2 18.4 17.8 64 76
2 86 A/2 19.2 19 76 92
2 1/2 92 A/2 28.9 23.6 92 108
3 108 A/2 30.5 25.9 108 127
4 121 A/2 33 27.7 140 159
All Dimensions are in mm


As you can see, steel pipe coupling is an essential component in any piping system due to its ability to provide a secure connection between pipes while allowing for easy access when it comes to repairs or maintenance work. While there are many types available on the market today – each with its own unique characteristics – all have one thing in common; providing a reliable connection between pipes that will last for years to come! Whether you’re looking for a full encirclement coupling or something simpler like a split sleeve design – it’s essential to choose the right product for your specific application so you can be sure that your system will remain running safely and efficiently over time!

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