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Technology in Manufacturing Benefits and Drawbacks

Positive Impact Of Manufacturing Technology

  • Boost quality:

Automation manages the production lines’ schedules without human intervention. The program can optimize the timetable to lower errors and inefficiencies and produce products of higher quality. Cost savings over the long term are made possible by technology, which operates with greater efficiency, less waste, and fewer workers.

  • Reduce production time:

Manufacturing technology speeds up the production process, allowing for the production of more batches in a shorter amount of time. You can produce more products in less time while maintaining a steady production rate. Supply chain optimization occurs when manufacturing and procurement follow the delivery schedule. This improves the entire supply chain.

  • Have more reliable outcomes:

Automated technology is more reliable and gets rid of the errors that clumsy humans are more likely to make. Promote a safer workplace by using machines to perform risky tasks for employees, reducing risk and injury. Technology can also help create safety measures and identify risks.

Negative Impact Of Manufacturing Technology

Jobs lost: Since machines might replace human labour in manufacturing, unemployment is a common worry. However, as most of the activities that technology replaces are routine, low-value operations, workers may now focus on important, high-value tasks.

  • Limited imagination:

A single machine configuration may restrict your production to a single activity or process, and a small physical space may discourage innovation and development into uncharted territory. The one-use arrangement increases productivity and saves time for make-to-order departments.

  • High initial cost:

Investing in and installing automated technology in your manufacturing operation will be expensive. After that, however, automated technology does offer significant cost savings.

  • Environmental issues:

If your facility has more technology, it probably uses more fuel, especially if its machines have high output. Manufacturing facilities can utilize automation technology while minimizing its negative effects on the environment.

  • Breakdowns of frequently used equipment:

Breakdowns of frequently used equipment can result in lost production and downtime. Regularly examined and maintained automated technology should operate at peak performance and reduce the possibility of frequent failures.

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