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The Most Common Fastener Coatings

The Most Common Fastener Coatings

To reach the maximum utility of the fastener, one should make sure that the fastener that he is using for a particular application fulfills all functions of that fastener.

There are various things based on which the performance of the fasteners varies, and having knowledge about all these things is very necessary. One of the main things that you should have knowledge about is the coating of the fasteners. The coating of the fastener determines the longevity and the ease of use of the fastener. Because there is a huge variety of coatings, each for different usage, if you do not have knowledge about it, you will end up selecting the wrong one.

Some of the popular coatings are:

Clear Zinc: Zinc being cheap and protective, it is the most commonly used metal for coating the fasteners. It protects the fastener from oxidative damage. This coating is the most favourable if the fasteners are going to be used in a humid region.

Grey Phosphate: Grey phosphate is another coating available for protection from corrosion, however, it offers lower level of protection. This is why, it is not advisable to use this coating for uses like in marine, since there is a huge exposure to humidity there, which means higher rate of corrosion. This coating is preferably used in places with dry setting. A considerate layer of grey phosphate has to be applied for it to be effective.

Yellow Zinc: This is one of those coatings which is electrically applied on the fastener. It offers lower level of protection from corrosion. It can be used in regions with higher humidity or contact with water. Just like Grey Phosphate, even this has to be properly applied in order to provide the desired amount of protection from corrosion.

Having understood the basic types of coatings, it becomes easier for a person to choose the fastener with the ideal coating for their usage.

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