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Types of Ball Valves (Floating, Trunnion)

A Ball valve uses a ball-shaped wheel to start or pause the flow. It is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve which is a plug valve in various ways. When the valve rotates in 90 degrees, then the ball stops the flow. A small handwheel is used to operate a moderately large valve. Ball valves are suitable to use different industrial sectors such as oil refining, energy, petrochemical, pulp & paper, offshore drilling, marine, shipbuilding, and renewable energies. The valve can clean quickly, and hence they are used in many applications. There are different types of Ball Valves which are popularly used in many industries. These Valves are classified as per the use and type of operation.

Floating Ball Valve

This valve is an effective solution for many industrial needs with fundamental characteristics and operation. Floating ball valve has the ball inside the valve which is kept in the specific position by the squeezing two elastomeric support toward the ball. The ball can be float within the valve. In a floating valve, the ball is dangled in the flowing fluid by managing elastomeric seats to control the fluid. The shaft of the ball is attached at the top which allows the valve to switch from an open to a closed state. This can be done only by quarter-turn movement, i.e. 90 degrees movement of the shaft. When the shaft is rotated then pressure is employed to the ball which prepares pressure against its seats.

Features of floating ball valves:

Floating ball valves are lightweight and convenient to use for bore size up to 10 inches. These inexpensive valves are used widely because of the more effortless operation. But this type of ball valve is not able to withstand heavier balls. These valves are safe and efficient to use. All these features make them more preferable valves for many complex operations.

Trunnion Ball Valve

A trunnion ball valve is a perfect solution to the problem that occurred in a floating ball valve. This valve requires less torque in high-pressure applications as compare to floating ball valve. This valve has a short shaft which is known as a trunnion. The ball in this valve is maintained by two spring-loaded or floating seats that remain in continual connection with the ball. In this type of valves, the ball, the shaft, and the supporting trunnion are acting as a single solid assembly. This makes it able to oppose the heavy loads which are created by balls of enormous dimensions. This valve has the ability to adjust its size in operations for easy movement.

Features of trunnion ball valve:

A trunnion ball valve has size flexibility which highlights in all types of ball valves. It has lower operating torque compared to any other types of valves.  This valve has a unique feature that it can be operated by smaller actuators in case it needs to be actuated. This property makes it more convenient to use. A trunnion ball valve is available with many specifications and at reasonable rates.

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