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Types of Metal Tube Bends

Types of tube bending depend on several factors such as quality of the material, weldability of the material, and the application purpose of the tube. Tube bending is considered a critical science. There are numerous approaches to attain desirable results. Let’s learn about the common types of Metal pipes or Tube Bending.

Mandrel Bending Technique:

This technique is an age-old method of tube bending. It is used industrywide for numerous applications. In this method, the external wall of the pipe or tube bends, tightening the bend radius of the tube. The Mandrel is essential to prevent the tube from flattening out when pressure is applied to bend the tube. This method is utilized by the automotive, exercise equipment, and aerospace industries.

Press Bending Method:

This is one of the oldest methods used to bend tubes. It requires a bend die. The Press Bending method does not provide exact precision. Pipes bent using this technique lack internal support and are vulnerable to deformities.

Rotary Draw Technique:

This is a fairly advanced technique. The rotary draw machine is used to carry out the process of tube bending. It bends the tubes across a series of dying with constantly maintained radii. It provides detailed results. It is used for intricately detailed work like making roll cages and handrails.

Roll Bending Method:

The roll Bending method requires a particular type of machinery with three rollers known as a “jig”. It can bend metal pipes, tubes, sheets. The jig plays a vital role in bending the metal. The metal moves back and forth on the rollers until the desired shape is acquired.

Electric Tube Benders:

The Electric tube benders are used for automotive industrial applications. They are used for large-scale bending as they are powerful. These machines are highly suitable for complex bending and high volume bending.

Heavy Duty Bending:

These benders are used for specific applications. An application that demands heavy-duty benders cannot compromise with a lighter bender. These benders are the best in the market. They can bend the toughest materials and work with precision even in demanding applications. They have the perfect properties of extreme power and precision. They are often used for heavy industries like automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc.

Left & Right Benders:

These benders are the most appropriate choice for multitasking. They use an amalgamation of tools and process bending of tubes in various directions. They can repeat the process endlessly. They can tackle complex processes. It is highly suitable for complex and high-volume applications.

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