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Types of Pipe Tee That Are Useful In a Piping System

A tee, the most common pipe fitting, is used to connect or separate fluid flow. A tee can connect pipes of various sizes or control the direction of a pipe run. The name is most likely derived from the likeness of the English letter “T”.

The primary run pipe is commonly referred to as the header, and the other as a branch. The branch size can be less than or equal to the run pipe size, but it cannot be more. Tees with branch sizes equal to run sizes are known as equal tees, whereas others are known as unequal tees or reducing tees.

Tees that are primarily designed in accordance with ASME B 16.9 or ASME B 16.11. Are always perpendicular to the pipe axis and are often created by forging.

Classification of Piping Tee Fittings

The branch size and end connection of a pipe tee connection are used to classify them. There are two types of tee fittings based on branch size. They are Equal Tee and Reducing Tee

Equal Pipe Tee: This Tee is used when the branch size is the same as the run pipe.

Reducing Piping Tee: The branch size is smaller than the run pipe size when using a reducing tee. There is a branch size restriction. It cannot be adjusted any smaller. Typically, reducing pipe tee fittings are made until the branch pipe size is one size smaller than half the parent pipe size.

Tees are categorized accordingly depending on their end connections

Socket Weld Tee – Socket weld tee is generally forged and utilized on services where socket welded fittings are allowed up to a 2″ run size. ASME B16.11 is the dimensional standard that is applied and the material standards, especially ratings, are similar to socket welded elbows. In most cases, socket welded tees with a run size of 1 1/2″ are used.

Screwed-end Tee – The applications of screwed-end tees, including rating, dimensional, and material specifications, are the same as for screwed elbows.

Butt weld Tee – ANSI B16.9 is the dimension standard that applies to both equal and unequal tees. These are available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 48″. Unequal butt weld tees with branches up to one size smaller than half run size are available. The pressure-temperature ratings and material specifications for butt-weld elbows are the same. Buttweld tees are typically utilized in sizes of 2″ and higher, as well as in smaller sizes for services where socket weld joints are permitted.

Flanged Tee – Flanged Tee has a similar pressure rating, dimension, and material specifications as flanged elbows. Flanged Tee fittings are commonly utilized in standard large-bore pressure pipes.

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