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Types of Quarter Turn Valve and Their Uses

Quarter Turn Valve

Quarter-turn valves are essential to the plumbing system in most households and industries. These valves are easily recognizable by their quarter-turn handle, making it simple to control the flow of fluids or gases. Depending on the particular application, several types of quarter-turn valves are available on the market. This blog post will discuss these valve types and their common uses.

Ball Valves:

  The ball valve is one of the most common types of quarter-turn valves. Its closure or opening mechanism is based on a perforated ball that rotates 90 degrees to allow or block fluid flow. Ball valves are used in high-pressure applications, as they can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. They are also ideal for controlling flow in precise applications when a quick shut-off is required.

Butterfly Valves:

The butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve with a circular disc as its closure mechanism instead of a ball. The disc moves around a central stem that controls the flow rate. These valves are generally used in large-diameter pipelines and can be opened or closed quickly.

Plug Valves:

Also known as a lubricated plug valve, this type of quarter-turn valve is commonly used in the petroleum, chemical, and water industries. They consist of a cylindrical or conical plug that rotates in a cavity to modulate fluid flow. They are easy to operate and create minimal pressure loss, making them perfect for high-density liquid flow.

Gate Valves:

Gate valves are widely used in piping systems to control flow. They feature a circular disk that moves up and down to allow or block fluid flow. They are ideal for applications requiring full valve opening and closing.

Globe Valves:

Globe valves are uniquely designed quarter-turn valves with 360-degree motion stem movement. The closure mechanism is a spherical tumbler that moves up and down, modulating fluid flow. They are suitable for various uses, including cooling, lubrication, and fuel systems.


In conclusion, quarter-turn valves play an essential role in many industries, and choosing the right type of valve is essential for proper operation. Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of quarter-turn valves and their common applications, you can decide and select the right valve to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a valve for a high-pressure application, precise flow control, or full opening and closing of the valve, there is a quarter-turn valve perfect for your needs.

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