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Types of Steel Plates used in Constructions

Steel plates are probably the most popular form of steel used everywhere. Steel plates are basically slabs of metal that are available in various thicknesses. These plates have various properties that include withstanding high temperatures, high impact, and strong substances. This provides a safer surface for different industrial locations and equipment. The right steel plate should be selected, depending on the use and the type of industry. Some common types of steel plates used in construction are:

Mild Steel Plates: Mild steel plates are most commonly used for construction and industrial purposes. They are easy to weld, because of which creating structures and sections are very easy. They can easily be cut and bent into various shapes, which makes it easier to make different steel structures and equipment. Compared to other steel types, mild steel is very versatile and easy to handle, and this is why it is very popularly used in the construction industry.

Checkered Plates: Standard steel plates that have raised angular patterns on their surface are called checkered plates. The angular plates add more grip to the surface of the steel, which makes it easier to move around. The skid and slippage experienced while moving around items reduces with these plates.

Galvanized Sheets: In the process of galvanization, steel sections are put into molten zinc, thereby adding a layer on the surface of the steel. This layer of zinc gives extra strength to the material. Galvanized plates can also be molded into various forms, making structures for different project requirements.

I. and G.I. Sheets: B.I. and G.I. steel plates are also manufactured by the process of galvanization. The extra protective layer gives them more strength and resistance towards various environments. These are basically carbon steel plates that are coated with a zinc layer on all sides. Again, the steel is dipped into molten zinc, and here electro galvanizing is also done. The zinc that will be applied to the surface of the steel, an electric current is passed through that. These steel plates have their application in areas with varying temperatures and strong substances.

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