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Types of Steel Used in Ship Building

One of the oldest forms of production is shipbuilding. It has been going on for years, starting from the making of seafaring vessels. With continuous innovations and developments, ships have become stronger, faster, and more durable. They have also become much bigger in size. Ships vary from the classic wooden ships that were first made years ago, to the modern large ships of steel made today.

The ships made today can travel the waters much faster with cargo and passengers on board with it. This has reduced the traveling time drastically.  This has led to the formation of one of the largest industries in the world, the shipbuilding industry. The shipbuilding companies gain a lot of revenue after every vessel is successfully launched. Even though traveling through cars and airplanes has become very convenient and fast, traveling and making deliveries through ships has been proven as one of the most effective ways over vast distances.

What are the types of steel used in shipbuilding?

With the increase in demand for larger ships, the demand for better and stronger materials has also increased. Because of the increase in this demand, shipbuilding steel came into the scenario. Shipbuilding steel is a material that provides excellent steel plates, with the capability and durability to tackle the rough and salty seas. Like steel is manufactured according to the requirements of different industries, the steel used in shipbuilding is manufactured according to the standards set for seafaring. The steel used for shipbuilding should have an appropriate thickness, pertaining to the requirements of each vessel. It should also have the strength which can tackle the strong waves and currents of the sea. Shipbuilding steel is only very durable, but also flexible. This also allows the manufacturers to give various curves and angles to the vessel, which ensures the best performance for an individual vessel.


The thickness of each steel plate used is one of the most important qualities in shipbuilding. Going through rough seas is very common for seas because it is a natural phenomenon and cannot be avoided. This means that the vessel has to face strong currents and waves all the time. If the ship does not have the thickness that is mandatory according to safety standards, there could be holes and cracks that might affect the ship very badly, and in worse cases, also lead to its sinking. This is also a danger to the cargo, passengers, and ship crew on board. Keeping all these points in mind, ships are made stronger, and better quality of steel is used. This steel is AH36. It is very well known for its durability, high tensile strength, and high yield strength, as compared to the normal steel types used in various other industries. AH36 has a thickness of 220mm, which provides quite a strong surface for many seafaring vessels.


The dangers of sea travel is not the only concern of manufacturers in the shipbuilding industry. The steel used in shipbuilding should also be capable to withstand different temperature levels. To pertain to this condition, EH36 was built. This steel type used for shipbuilding is known for having the capability to withstand extreme temperatures. Since ships travel across vast seas, they have to be built to tolerate all kinds of temperatures. If regular steel is used, the extreme temperature leading to expansion and contraction of the steel will cause more wear and tear. If EH36 type of steel is used in shipbuilding, it ensures that the changing temperatures are handled quite well. The temperature resistance of this steel also makes it easy to weld these steel plates together. This improves the efficiency of the construction of the ship’s hulls and its main structure.


This type of steel is used for building the larger sections of the ship. It provides amazing quality and great durability. This steel type is also used for ship hulls and main structures. It is used for refitting purposes, which is a standard process and has to be followed to improve different sections of the structure of the ship. DH36 type of steel is very commonly used to build luxury cruise ships and large container ships.

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