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Types of Strainer Valve and Their Uses

Strainer Valve

As you start planning your plumbing system, you must know the importance of including a strainer valve. A strainer valve is an essential component of any piping system, and it is responsible for preventing debris, dirt, and other particles from clogging your pipes. Different types of strainer valves are available, each serving a unique purpose. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the different types of strainer valves and their uses.

Types of Strainer Valve:

Y-type Strainer Valve –

The Y-type strainer valve is the most popular and commonly used type. It is named after its Y-shaped design and is used to remove larger debris such as rocks, stones, and sand from the fluid. Y-type strainer valves are typically installed at the pump’s suction side to avoid clogging. They are used in industrial applications where fluids that can cause corrosion also carry abrasive substances.

Basket Strainer Valve –

The basket strainer valve is a more advanced type of strainer valve designed to remove smaller debris from the fluid. It is a filtering device that is comprised of a wire-mesh basket that catches particles that pass through it. The basket can be easily removed to manually clean the debris or replaced when necessary. Basket strainer valves are commonly used in plumbing applications where the fluid is clean and the debris particles are tiny.

Duplex Strainer Valve –

The duplex strainer valve is a unique type with two parallel strainer valves that can alternate flow. It ensures continuous flow during maintenance or cleaning of one of the strainers. The duplex strainer valve is ideal for applications that require continuous flow without interruption. It is commonly used in oil refineries, chemical processing, marine, and paper industries.

Tee-Type Strainer Valve –

The tee-type strainer valve has a T-shaped design and removes debris from pipelines where space is an issue. It provides an economical solution for applications that do not require a large screening area. The tee-type strainer valve is used in seawater, cooling water, and condenser water systems.

Plate Strainer Valve –

The plate strainer valve is more advanced and provides an accurate filtration system. It is designed to filter out impurities from the fluid by passing it through a series of plates with small-sized holes. The plate strainer valve is ideal for applications requiring fine filtration, such as processing industries, power plants, and pharmaceutical processes.


A strainer valve is an essential component of any piping system. It helps prevent clogging, which can result in pipe damage and failure. Understanding the different types of strainer valves and their uses can help you choose the right one for your plumbing application. Whether you need to remove large debris or filter out impurities, a type of strainer valve is available to meet your needs. Remember to consult with a professional plumbing service to ensure you select the best strainer valve for your specific needs.

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