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What are Pipe and Tube Cutting Techniques?

Pipe or tube cutting is an essential procedure in the fabrication of metal. Pipes and tubes are made of several materials. Every material demands a different cutting technique and equipment. Let’s learn more about the various tools and methods of tube and pipe cutting.

What are the various techniques used to cut pipes and tubes?

  • Abrasive Cutting
  • Band Saw Cutting
  • Cold Saw Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Shearing
  • Lathe Cutting

What are the guidelines that need to be followed while selecting a process and tools for fabrication?

  1. Ensuring the quality and alignment of the blades are appropriate.
  2. Considering the reaction of the metal towards friction and temperatures during cutting.
  3. Buying protective equipment and accessories along with cutting tools.
  4. Lubrication for the tools is required so that heat generation during the cutting process is under control.

Let’s learn about the various cutting techniques in brief:

  1. Abrasive cutting technique:

An abrasive saw is used to carry out this process. It is the most suitable method for metal pipes and tubes. A rotary abrasive saw is used to cut through the metal using shear forces and friction

  1. Band Saw Technique:

The Band Saw is an electronic tool with a seamless blade and contour tooth. The seamless blades move vertically over two mounting wheels whereas the tooth contours rub against the pipe.

  1. Cold Saw Cutting Technique:

This technique involves a rotating cold saw. The cold saw is kept at a fixed position and the blades rotate. The material to be cut comes directly in contact with the saw. It is highly recommended for perpendicular cutting. This is a highly used and popular technique as it generates no heat and leaves zero heat-affected spots on the surface that have been cut.

  1. Laser Cutting technique:

It is known as one of the most efficient and user-friendly techniques. It is carried out using CNC machines operated using numeric computer controls. It can cut through the plastic as well as metals. It uses a laser beam to cut through the material. It is recommended for cutting shapes and angular cutting due to its accuracy.

  1. Shearing Technique:

In this method, the material is cut under the sheer force of two ID punches and plates.

  1. Lathe Cutting Technique:

This is regarded as one of the most effective techniques. It is highly suitable and recommended for thorough and grove cutting. It consists of a spindle that rotates. When the rotating spindle comes in contact with the material of the pipe or tube, the cutting takes place.

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