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What Are The Uses Of Orbital Welding?

With orbital welding, the fitup assembly of the pipe is stationary in place while the welding nozzle moves 360 degrees around it. Due to the welding torch’s circular motion around the pipe, the process is known as “orbital welding.”

Due to the torch’s mobility and the pipe’s stability, this sort of welding is easily automatable. This is also easily adaptable on-site for the process of making spools. Most of the time, a mechanism coupled to the welding torch and the pipe is used to guide movement around the pipe.

 Application of Orbital welding

Although orbital welding has many diverse applications, the following are some of the ones where it is most frequently used:

  • Aviation/Aerospace sector
  • Welding of boiler tubes
  • Works on nuclear piping
  • Businesses related to food and drink
  • The businesses of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • Creating semiconductor devices
  • Chemical businesses
  • Nuclear and fossil fuel power plants
  • Advantages of Orbital welding machine
  • Higher quality of welding compared to manual welding.
  • For a welding project, a less experienced welder with sufficient orbital welding training will do.
  • Productivity is increased since orbital welding takes substantially less time than manual welding.
  • Overall affordable
  • Because it can be accessed remotely, it can be used even in small spaces.
  • Consumables for welding have good traceability.
  • The disadvantage of the Orbital welding machine
  • The high initial outlay for staff hiring, setup, and training.
  • The form of the tungsten dramatically influences the quality of welding.
  • Requirements for purging gas purity and pressure
  • Cleanliness and preparation of surfaces are crucial.


Orbital welding is the best welding application procedure for productivity and high-quality repetitive welding for several connections in a project. Welding production is significantly greater with very little or no repair work when there is a good program and enough skilled workers.

  • Depending on the purpose and application, this can be fully automatic or semi-automatic.
  • In this welding operation, the machine’s welding tool revolves around the pipe, which is kept still.
  • The quality and productivity of welding jobs have been increased by the widespread usage of orbital welding in various applications.
  • Due to its ability to be accessed remotely, this can even be used in small spaces to perform welding tasks more quickly and effectively.
  • In annual expenditure, orbital welding equipment is substantially more affordable than manual welding.

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What Are The Uses Of Orbital Welding?

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