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What Is A Flange Alignment Tool?

During pipeline construction, maintenance, commissioning, or decommissioning, flange connections are realigned or realigned using mechanical or hydraulic flange alignment equipment. When the flanges are originally screwed together or after the screw connection has been opened for maintenance and repair work, they are typically out of alignment. For proper flange assembly and smooth operation, flanges must be correctly aligned. For such tasks, the flange alignment tools are particularly helpful.

Flange alignment tools are used by a variety of industries, including the chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, water, wastewater, refinery, oil and gas, electricity, and food processing, to make sure that pipes and other fittings are correctly aligned. Flange alignment tools are relatively affordable alignment solutions that also simplify the alignment process.

Types of flange alignment tool

There are two different types of flange alignment tools used in industrial flange alignment, depending on the functioning mechanism :-

  • Hydraulic Flange Alignment Tools

Hydraulic flange alignment tools produce alignment forces by the hydraulic action of a fluid. Hydraulic flange alignment tools often have a greater capacity for carrying loads and are better suited for pipelines with very large diameters and pipeline flanges.

  • Mechanical Flange Alignment Tools

The mechanical flange alignment tools use mechanical action to provide the pulling force. For applications requiring smaller diameter, lower pressure flanges, mechanical flange alignment tools are preferred.

Application of flange alignment tool

  • Shutdowns or Outages
  • Routine maintenance
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Valve changeouts
  • Construction

Working of flange alignment tool

The flange alignment tool is affixed to the flange joint at the site of the greatest misalignment. The flanges are then pushed and pulled by the tool to line them correctly. A variety of flange alignment tools are available, depending on the size of the flanges. The following stages can be used to demonstrate how a common flange alignment tool functions:

Step 1: Locate the greatest misalignment.

Step 2: Place the Flange Alignment tool where there is the most misalignment.

Step 3: Using the strap, adjust and fasten the tool to the pipe.

Step 4: Rotate the Screw handle until it touches the flange’s circumference.

Step 5: Keep rotating the handle until the flanges are pushed, pulled, and aligned.

Features of flange alignment tool

  • large variety of options available
  • precise operation
  • suitable for both horizontal and vertical pipe flanges.
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Light-weight

Thus, The maximum reaction force of the flange alignment tools is typically used to specify them.

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