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What is Air Operated Pinch Valve? Uses and Working

Air Operated Pinch Valve

Air-operated pinch valves are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective for controlling the flow of liquids and gases. With their simple two-part design, air-operated pinch valves offer several benefits that make them a popular choice in water treatment to pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Let’s explore an air-operated pinch valves, why they are used, and how they work.

What is Air Operated Pinch Valve?

An air-operated pinch valve is a type of shut-off valve used to control liquid or gas flow. The valve consists of two parts: a rubber sleeve inside the housing (which can be made from materials such as aluminium or stainless steel) and a pneumatic actuator outside the housing, which controls the opening and closing of the sleeve. The sleeve is made from either rubber or plastic material with a reinforced inner core for added strength. This allows it to “pinch” when compressed by the actuator, thus stopping the flow of liquid or gas.

Air-Operated Pinch Valve Uses

Air-operated pinch valves are preferred over other valves because they require minimal maintenance due to their simple design. Additionally, they have high resistance to corrosion and wear thanks to their strong housings and reinforced sleeves. As mentioned before, they also offer cost savings due to their relatively low purchase price compared to other valves. Finally, they are easy to operate since all that is required is an air pressure line connected to the actuator.

How do Air Operated Pinch Valves Work?

Air-operated pinch valves work quite simply; when no pressure is applied to the actuator’s diaphragm, it opens up and allows flow through the valve body. When pressure is applied (usually via compressed air), it compresses the rubber sleeve, and pinches shut, cutting off flow through the valve body. The pressure required depends on factors such as fluid temperature and viscosity; however, most air-operated pinch valves will reach full closure at around 5-7 psi (pounds per square inch). Once closed, these valves remain sealed until pressure is rereleased from the actuator, which reopens them automatically via spring return action.


Air-operated pinch valves are an effective solution for controlling liquid or gas flow in many industrial applications. They offer numerous advantages, including low maintenance requirements, high resistance to corrosion and wear, cost savings due to their lower purchase price compared with other types of shut-off valves, plus ease-of-operation thanks to their simple design powered by air pressure alone! If you’re looking for an efficient way to control your process flows without breaking your budget, look no further than air-operated pinch valves – you won’t be disappointed!

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