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What is C channel steel?

Channel steel is a conventional production component that is generally manufactured from hot-rolled steel. It has a wide and flat surface and also has flanges at right angles on both sides. The outer edge of C channel steel is clearly angled and has radius corners. The channel steel offers durability, and its broad and flat surface is perfect for attaching items and offering support.

In its most widespread form, C channel steel is used to hold bridge decks and other heavy gadgets. This steel can absorb flex and other forces that can break more rigid I-beams and H-beams. Steel channel is a versatile product that is obtainable in various sizes and widths. Its cross-section is formed similarly to a squared-off C, which has a straight back and two vertical branches on the top and bottom. Some varieties of C-channel steel have short inward-facing edges to the end of the extensions, which makes the structure tougher. Other types of channel have holes for bolting purposes. Compared to other structural steel products, C channel steel is thinner and insignificantly flexible.

Various sizes and uses

C-channel steel comes in a variety of dimensions and thicknesses. Hence it is widely used in many industrial applications. One of the most common applications of this channel steel is for frame supports in automotive manufacturing. The pieces of this channel steel are joined together to form a box-like structure. They can be joined with broad and flat surfaces to produce an I-beam. The versatility of the C channel structure empowers productions to be more productive as compared with I-beams and other steel components. The C channel steel also makes different structures comparatively lightweight. It also ensures strength and rigidity for machinery frames and various manufacturing applications.

Resistance property

The C channel steel is also advantageous for outdoor applications. This steel has additional amounts of nickel, copper, or chromium, which makes it more resistant to corrosion. The combination of lightweight and corrosion resistance makes it an outstanding option for towers, construction equipment, light poles, and many other objects. This C channel steel is suitable to use in any environmental condition.


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