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What is Cold Rolled Steel?

Cold rolled steel, often known as CRS, is a well-known material that is incredibly ductile and works well in applications where accuracy is required. It is used in numerous products, including furniture, filing cabinets, lockers, and home appliances. When the metal is mechanically stressed during the cold rolling process, it permanently alters the metal’s crystalline structure. This makes it stronger and frequently enhances corrosion resistance. Better dimensional accuracy is a benefit of cold rolling that goes along with enhancing surface smoothness.

Cold rolling, simply, is the technique of strengthening steel without utilizing heat to alter its shape. With the use of a cold-rolled stainless steel coil, the metal can be created with incredibly tight tolerances. In essence, cold rolled steel is hot rolled steel that has undergone additional processing. Hot rolled steel is rerolled at room temperature to get more precise dimensions and better surface qualities once it has cooled.

Although strictly only referring to sheets that are compressed between rollers, the term “cold rolled” is frequently used to represent a variety of finishing procedures for steel. Pulling steel forms like bars or tubes causes them to be “drawn,” not rolled. Turning, grinding, and polishing are some further cold finishing procedures that are utilized to transform current hot rolled stock into more aesthetically pleasing goods.

How Is Cold Rolled Steel Used For Home Design And Decor?

Cold rolled steel has a variety of properties that make it a good choice for lighting fixtures. Cold rolled steel performs remarkably well in situations needing production precision.  In addition to having better yield and tensile strengths than normal steel, cold rolled steel also maintains tolerances very well. Finally, cold rolled steel offers a degree of adaptability that is great in the field of home decor because it is compatible with a wide range of surface finishes.

Cold rolled steel is used in almost all parts and components of home appliances. Appliances made of cold-rolled steel include refrigerators, washers, and dryers. It is frequently used in water heaters, lawn mowers, and computer gear. Cold rolled steel is 100 percent recyclable and well known for its capacity to retain tight tolerances and accept surface treatments.

The principal benefits of cold work are:

  • precise finished measurements
  • superior durability 
  • tight dimensions
  • clear surface
  • stronger characteristics
  • smooth texture
  • ease of application

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