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What is Eccentric Plug Valve? Uses and Working

Eccentric Plug Valve

Eccentric plug valves are an efficient and reliable form of flow control. But what exactly is an eccentric plug valve, and how does it work? This article will explore the world of eccentric plug valves and discuss their various uses in modern engineering.

What is Eccentric Plug Valve?

An eccentric plug valve is a quarter-turn rotary valve with a cylindrical body with a hole in the center. This hole is usually filled with a movable plug that can be rotated to open or close the valve. The main advantage of using an eccentric plug valve over other valves is its ability to maintain tight shutoff even after years of operation reliably. This makes it ideal for use in applications with tight shutoffs, such as water supply systems.

How Does an Eccentric Plug Valve Work?

How an eccentric plug valve works depends on the mechanism used to move the plug inside the cylinder? In most cases, this will be either a lever or a gearbox connected to a handle or knob. When you rotate the lever or turn the knob, it will cause the plug to move within the cylinder, thus opening or closing the valve, depending on which direction you turn it. Additionally, many types of eccentric plug valves also come with built-in safety features, such as pressure relief valves and overload protection systems that can help prevent accidents caused by sudden changes in pressure within the system.

Eccentric Plug Valve Uses

Eccentric plug valves have many uses in industrial and commercial settings, including controlling water and air flow in pipes, regulating oil flow in engines, controlling gas pressure in tanks, and regulating fluid levels in tanks and reservoirs. They are also commonly used for controlling liquid flow rates in chemical plants and pharmaceutical laboratories because they provide superior tight shutoff performance compared to other types of valves. Additionally, they are often used as emergency shutoff valves due to their reliability and quick response times when activated by manual switches or remote sensors.


Eccentric plugs are incredibly useful engineering equipment that has been utilized for decades across countless industries worldwide. With their superior performance compared to other types of valves combined with their easy maintenance requirements, they make for an excellent choice for any application requiring tight shutoff performance and reliable operation over long periods of time. For website owners looking for reliable solutions for controlling water or gas flows, these versatile pieces of equipment can provide just what you need!

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