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What is Gravity Die Casting?

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity dies casting is a process used in manufacturing to create metal components. It is a popular method of forming parts as it offers advantages such as high accuracy and repeatability, low labour costs, and minimized scrap. This blog post will provide an overview of gravity die casting and its various uses.

What is Gravity Die Casting?

Gravity dies casting is a type of permanent mould casting process in which the molten metal is poured into the mould under the force of gravity. This process can be done with many different metals, including aluminium, zinc, copper alloys, lead alloys, and tin alloys. The moulds used in this type of casting are typically made from steel or cast iron, although they can also be made from other materials such as graphite or even plastic.

Once the molten metal has been poured into the mould, it cools rapidly, creating a part that is ready for finishing operations such as machining or polishing. The advantage of gravity die casting is that it produces parts with extremely fine detail and tight tolerances when compared to other types of casting processes.

Gravity Die Casting Uses

Gravity dies casting can be used for many different purposes, ranging from small consumer products to large industrial components. Some common uses include automotive components (such as engine blocks and cylinder heads), electrical connectors (such as power plugs), furniture hardware (such as knobs and handles), medical equipment (such as dental implants), toys (such as model aeroplanes) and jewelry (such as pendants).


Gravity dies casting offers many advantages over other types of manufacturing processes due to its accuracy, repeatability and minimal labour costs. It can also be used with many different metals and materials to produce parts with fine detail and tight tolerances. From automotive components to jewellery pieces, gravity dies casting has become an essential tool in modern manufacturing. The next time you need a part produced quickly and accurately with minimal labour costs, consider using gravity die casting!

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