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What is Knife Gate Valve? Properties, Uses and Application

Knife Gate Valve

Knife gate valves are essential tools commonly used in various industrial applications. These valves are known for having a gate that lifts during operational modes, allowing for fluid passage. However, they have a unique driving system that uses a “knife” or gate to regulate the flow of fluids. This blog post covers knife gate valves’ properties, uses, and applications.

What is Knife Gate Valve?

Knife Gate Valve is a specialized type of valve used for applications with slurries and abrasive materials. It features a metal wedge that moves in a linear direction to open or close the flow. The main body is designed in such a way that it prevents clogging, assuring uninterrupted operation even when handling challenging substances like grain, cement or fly ash. It also boasts excellent tight shut-off characteristics and chemical resistance.

Properties of Knife Gate Valve:

One of the significant properties of a knife gate valve is that it has a sharp gate system that uses a low torque stem. The gate system is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable, sturdy, and suitable for corrosive environments. The knife gate valve gate design is mostly unidirectional, with minimal leakage.

Uses of Knife Gate Valve:

Knife gate valves have different applications in various industries, including pulp and paper, mining, chemical, power generation, food processing, and wastewater treatments. They control the flow of fluids in the pipelines, pulp stock, and other suspensions. They also help in minimizing clogging and ensure constant fluid flow.

Application of Knife Gate Valve:

The knife gate valve is an essential tool in modern industries, and it has been commercially available for over thirty years. It is used in different industrial processes requiring precise flow regulation and control. Specifically, the knife gate valve is used in wastewater treatment, mining, power generation, and food processing industries. Also, it is used to transport bulk solids with the help of air pressure.

How to Use Knife Gate Valve:

Using a knife gate valve is not difficult, but a specific operational protocol exists. Begin by ensuring the knife gate valve is secured horizontally, and the valve face is aligned with the pipeline. Next, install a pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic actuator. After installing an appropriate actuator, begin opening and closing procedures according to the device’s cluster. If the knife gate valve is opened and closed repeatedly without any process flow, it may undergo mechanical wear and tear, leading to severe damage to the valve gate.


Knife gate valves are essential for fluid flow regulation and control. The unique knife gate valve design with the gate system makes it easy to use in different industrial processes. Its low torque stem and knife gate are made of stainless steel, which makes the valve suitable for corrosive environments. Knife gate valves are commonly used in wastewater treatment, power generation, mining, and food processing industries. Proper usage and installation of a knife gate valve are essential to avoid any damage or wear and tear on the valve.

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