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What is Knurling? An Overview


Have you ever heard of knurling screws? Many people know about them but need to understand how they can benefit their projects truly. This blog post will explain knurling and why you should consider using knurled screws for your next project.

What is Knurling?

Knurling is a metalworking process where a tool with two or more straight, pointed cutting blades creates indentations on the surface of a workpiece. The result is a pattern of small ridges that are usually uniform in size and depth. These ridges create friction when the screw or other object moves over the surface, which gives greater control and torque when tightening or loosening objects.

Knurled Screw Uses

Knurled screws have various uses, from automotive to aerospace manufacturing applications. Due to their ability to provide extra grip and torque, they are often used in applications where precise force needs to be applied with minimal effort. Knurled screws are often employed for assembling components that require an exact level of tightness, such as fastening electrical connectors and securing delicate mechanical parts. Additionally, knurled screws are often used in medical equipment due to their precision and reliability.


Knurling screws can provide reliability, accuracy, and precision in any project you’re working on. Whether you’re working on an automotive part or a medical device, knurls can help provide the extra grip that allows for greater control when tightening or loosening objects. If you’re looking for increased accuracy in your next project, consider using knurls! They might be the solution you’ve been searching for!

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