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What is Oxy Acetylene Cutting? Working and Uses

Oxy Acetylene Cutting

What is Oxy Acetylene Cutting?

Oxy-acetylene cutting is a process that uses a combination of oxygen and fuel gas (usually acetylene) to cut through metals. This type of cutting has been used for many years in industries such as automotive repair, welding, and manufacturing. Let’s take a look at how oxy-acetylene cutting works, its uses, and the safety measures you should take when working with it.

How It Works

Oxy acetylene cutting involves two separate gases — oxygen and fuel gas. The oxygen stream is preheated using a flame from the oxy-acetylene torch and then directed through a nozzle onto the metal material you want to cut. This concentrated stream of oxygen can heat up to 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit — enough to melt most metals! At the same time, the fuel gas is added to the mix via a second nozzle. When these two gases mix together and ignite, they create an incredibly hot flame that melts away the metal material.


Oxy acetylene cutting is used in a variety of industrial applications. It’s commonly used in manufacturing processes like sheet metal fabrication and automotive repair work. It can also be used for more decorative purposes, such as sculpting or jewelry making. The versatility of this process makes it extremely popular across many different industries.

Working Safety Measures

Although oxy-acetylene cutting is often seen as an efficient way to cut through metal materials, it can be incredibly dangerous if proper safety precautions are not taken. Always wear protective gear when handling oxy-acetylene torches, including safety goggles, gloves, face shields, long pants/shirts and closed-toe shoes. Make sure your workspace is clear of any combustible materials before beginning your project, and ensure that all hoses are securely connected to their respective tanks before starting your cuts. Additionally, always keep your tank valves closed unless you are actively using them for your project; this will help reduce potential accidents due to mishandling or improper storage of fuels/gases involved with oxy-acetylene cutting projects.


Oxy acetylene cutting is an extremely versatile process that can be used for both industrial applications as well as more creative endeavours like sculpture or jewelry making. It’s important to remember that this type of process requires extreme caution; always take proper safety precautionary measures like wearing protective gear when working with any type of torch or gas tanks associated with oxy-acetylene cutting projects in order to keep yourself safe while enjoying all its benefits! With these tips in mind, anyone can become an expert at oxy-acetylene cutting!

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