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What is Oxygen Free Copper?

C101 Oxygen Free Copper is a very pure copper that contains very little oxygen. C101 Oxygen Free Copper is the highest-quality copper obtainable, with a specific oxygen concentration of less than 0.0005% and a normal copper grade of 99.99 percent. The characteristics of the substance are quite similar to those of elemental copper. Silver is eliminated as an impurity since the purity goal is so high.

C101 Oxygen Free Copper is an ultra-high purity copper product with exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, machinability, and malleability. These qualities are more exaggerated than conventional copper products since the oxygen concentration is reduced to less than 0.0005 percent, and as a result, they find a variety of highly specialized industrial uses.

What is Oxygen Free Copper used for?

The higher the purity of any copper product, the better its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and heat generation when conducting electricity. C101 Oxygen Free Copper is the purest copper product available, and it produces the greatest results of any copper product.

There are very few interruptions to the metallic structure of copper when virtually all impurities are removed, and there is a large decrease in the oxidation of the metallic copper when almost all oxygen is removed, which can further restrict performance.

Almost all C101 Oxygen Free Copper usage is extremely specialized due to the greater price that comes with the higher purity product. These are some of them:

  • Superior Audio/Video Applications — Copper wiring constructed from C101 Oxygen-free Copper will be used in high-end audio/visual applications where quality is vital.
  • Large industrial transformers – C101 Oxygen Free Copper’s improved electrical conductivity enables it to reduce the diameter of wire within transformers, reducing the quantity of copper used and the total installation size.
  • Long-life applications – The extended lifespan of C101 Oxygen Free Copper products might be advantageous in big or difficult-to-replace projects.
  • High vacuum applications – Any scientific application that requires the presence of impurities to be minimized in a vacuum environment can benefit from C101 Oxygen Free Copper to guarantee that the copper wire is free of contamination.

Often more than one of the above applications is found in an installation of C101 Oxygen Free Copper, such as in the largest particle accelerator globally, the Large Hadron Collider.

How is Oxygen Free Copper made?

The final refining stage of C101 Oxygen Free Copper processing is the sole difference. When standard high purity copper is refined under normal atmospheric circumstances in order to further minimize the oxygen concentration, the ultimate refining procedure must be carried out in an oxygen-free environment.

Smelting and pouring molten copper into castings in an oxygen-free environment, such as a vacuum or a carefully regulated inert atmosphere, is one example. C101 Oxygen Free Copper is the most costly copper grade due to the additional processing complexity necessary to achieve the requisite product purity.

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