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What is Parallel Slide Gate Valve?

Parallel Slide Gate Valve

A parallel slide gate valve is a type of valve used in various industries for various purposes. Let’s take a closer look at what this valve is, what it does, and some of its most common uses.

What is a Parallel Slide Gate Valve?

A parallel slide gate valve is a linear motion valve that uses a disk to block or allow flow through an opening. The disk slides along a parallel path to open or close the valve. This type of valve is often used when quick opening or closing is required, as it can be operated very quickly. Additionally, they have very little flow resistance when fully open, making them ideal for applications with high flow rates.

Parallel Slide Gate Valve Uses

Some many different industries and applications make use of parallel slide gate valves. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Oil and gas pipelines: Parallel slide gate valves are often used in oil and gas pipelines to regulate the flow of oil and gas.
  • Water treatment: This type of valve is also commonly used in water treatment plants to control water flow.
  • Chemical plants: In chemical plants, parallel slide gate valves can control dangerous chemicals’ flow.
  • Food and beverage processing: These valves are also frequently used in food and beverage processing to control the flow of food and liquids.


Many industries use parallel slide gate valves due to their ability to regulate the flow of liquids and gases quickly and efficiently. If you need a reliable valve for your pipeline or processing plant, a parallel slide gate valve may be the perfect option.

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