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What is the difference between Sockolet and Weldolet?

A Sockolet is similar to a Weldolet, with the difference that the branch pipe is connected to the run pipe, via the fitting, with a socket weld connection. Instead of using branch pipe types such as the reducer, reinforcing plate, and reinforcing pipe section, the sockolet (socket weld outlet) is primarily used for reinforcing pipe fittings connected by the branch pipe. It is safe and reliable, reduces cost, and improves the flow channel.



What is Sockolet?

In short – Similar to Weldolet but the branch pipe is connected to run pipe with the help of fitting.

A Sockolet allows for a 90-degree branch connection. Similar to a Weldolet but with a branch pipe connected to the run pipe via a socket welding connection. It is similar in function to a reducing tee but has a smaller branch connection that is in the form of a socket rather than a tee. They are made of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or brass and are designed to withstand the pressure and temperature of the fluids being carried through the pipes. Sockolets are available in two sizes: “size on size” and “reducing in size.” Fillet welding is used to connect the branch pipe and the Sockolet branch side.

What is Weldolet?

In short – Weldolet is an alternative to butt-weld branch connection.

Weldolets, the most common type of branch fitting, are part of the buttweld fixings family and are available in a wide variety of dimensions.

The Weldolet is a welded piece that has bevelled ends on both ends. It attaches to the run pipe on one side and the branch pipe on the other. A weldolet is a type of pipe fitting that is used to branch off the main piping line to a smaller line at a 45 or 90-degree angle. The Weldolet’s shape ensures that there is little stress on the pipe branch and provides an integral reinforcement.

Weldolets are typically made of carbon steel or stainless steel and are welded onto the main pipe to create a secure and permanent connection.

A weldolet is a branch butt-weld connection fitting that is attached to an output pipe in order to reduce stress concentrations in the piping region. The most frequent type of branch fitting is the weldolet. They’re a type of buttweld fitting that comes in a number of sizes. They are used as an alternative to fittings such as elbows or tees, which can be more complex to install and may require additional support.


  • A run end and a branch end are found on both the sockolet and the weldolet. The branch end of the pipe is linked to the smaller diameter pipe, while the run end is connected to the larger diameter pipe.
  • The sockolet and weldolet are fillet welds that link the run pipe to the sockolet and weldolet. Its fundamental architecture is similar to that of a weldolet, with the exception of the branch connection.
  • The sockolet’s socket is used to enter a basic end branch pipe, which is then fillet welded together. The weldolet, on the other hand, has a bevel end to butt weld to the branch pipe, and the branch pipe has a bevel end as well.
  • The Weldolet is used in Sockolets, however, the branch is joined by a socket inside the olet. The outlet bore is coordinated by the bore, and the presence of a counterbore, which is normally the span of the outlet’s OD, offers a socket for the pipe to sit in, making installation and welding easier.
  • Because it has rounded edges on both ends, a Weldolet is welded onto the run pipe on one side and the branch pipe on the other.
  • Fillet welds are utilized to connect the branch pipe to the branch side of the Sockolet. A Sockolet requires a welded connection on the pipe run side.
  • Weldolet is Compatible with higher pressure and simple connection, cost lower.
  • Sockolet Greater pressure is compatible, but the expense is higher.
  • The end of the Weldolet is designed for buttweld connections.
  • The end connection of the Sockolet is suitable for socket welding.




The two types of olets, Sockolet and Weldolet are often confused because they appear to be very similar. However, there are some key differences between the two that set them apart. Sockolets are best suited for smaller diameter pipes, while Weldolets can accommodate larger diameters. Additionally, Sockolets are attached by threaded connections, while Weldolets use welding. Knowing the difference between these two types of olets will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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