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Which bolt is used as an appliance for lifting heavy machines?

In industrial applications and processes, there are many appliances to lift heavy machines, cables, and structures. But this lifting is also done by using a sturdy bolt. Eyebolt is one of the common types of rigging hardware that is used as a lifting point. Similar to slings, shackles, and sling hooks, eyebolts are available in many different designs and shapes. Eyebolts are suitable to use as a connection point for anchoring, pushing, picking, rigging, or lifting purposes.
Eyebolts has different parts like the eye, shoulder, and shank. The eye is a loop made at the top that can be bent, welded, or forged. The shoulder is a part where the eye and shank get collectively created to withstand bending. Shank is a threaded shaft that is connected to the eye.

Different types of Eyebolts:

There are many types of eyebolts that are used for lifting heavy machines in industrial applications.

Shouldered Eye Bolts

Shouldered eyebolts are suitable for perpendicular in-line elevations or angular lifts. These eyebolts are also generally known as shoulder pattern eye bolts. This shoulder pattern decreases bending strains on the shank and provides the eye bolt for angular lifting.

Non-Shouldered Eye Bolts

Non-shouldered eye bolts are appropriate to utilize for in-line or high lifts only. It is not used for angular lifts. Non-shouldered or plain pattern eye bolts do not have a shoulder. They can only be utilized for accurately vertical or in-line lifts.

Forged Eye Bolts

Forged eye bolts are hit or crushed into form, which alters the grain formation of the metal to make it harder and more durable. This type of eye bolts is useful for heavier-duty lifting. They can endure loads up to the tensile strength of the material from it is manufactured. These forged eye bolts are used in in-line as well as angular loading.

Bent Eye Bolts

Bent eye bolts are also known as turned eye or wire eye bolts, which are manufactured using one-piece that is bent and molded to create the eye. Bent eye bolts are used for light weight lifting purposes. They are not be utilized for heavy loads.

Nut Eye Bolts

With these eye bolts, the shank’s depths extrude through the bottom of the weight and is tightened in position with a nut. Nut eye bolts can be formed by forging, welding, or bending the eye.

Machinery Eye Bolts

In machinery eye bolts, the shank is threaded and is produced to be placed into drilled holes that have been managed precisely as a lifting point. When furnished with a shoulder, these bolts can be utilized with angular masses up to 45°.

Screw Eye Bolts

Screw eye bolts are basically a screw that has an eye. They are commonly called as a lag eye, which has an eye fixed on one end and a threaded shank at another end. They are used essentially for moderate or light load applications, which are screwed into wood or lag anchors. These bolts are not recommended to utilize in hanging lifts or for heavy loads.

All these types of Eyebolts are perfect to use in industrial lifting applications, but the load-bearing capacity can be varied as per the type. These bolts are available in two common materials like stainless steel and galvanized. They are available in many grades of stainless steel and also with the plating of different suitable materials.

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