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Why Is Flange Face Protection Important?

What is Flange Facing?

Flange facing is a type of machining that is done on flange surfaces. Flanges should be maintained and repaired on a regular basis to avoid leaks and corrosion. These services ensure that the joints between existing flanges remain intact.

Why Flange Facing is required?

During construction, installation, or cuts from gasket breaches, flanges are constantly damaged by turbulent flow and interactions with other components.

Flange facing creates a spiral grooved finish on the flanges. Because gases and liquids are forced to move in a lengthy spiral route rather than over the flange face, this finish makes flanges less prone to leaks.

During plant shutdowns or maintenance, flange facing is considered one of the most significant repair operations.

Why Flange Face protection is Important?

Pipe flanges and thread protection are two critical components in the gas, oil, and utility industries. It’s not just contamination during and after storage that you have to be concerned about; you also have to be concerned about damage during transit and manufacturing procedures. Repairs might be expensive if the correct answers aren’t found. It’s possible that oil-well piping and drills may need to be replaced.

The flange face is the gasket that seals the flange connection’s surface. A vessel, valve, or a variety of other mechanical equipment can be used to make the connection. The surface where the gasket seals and fixes the piping system connection is usually machined.

Damage prevention:

If not rectified before the final bolting, excessive rust, ding, dent, or scratch in this location might cause the flanged connection to fail. It is not unusual for a large number of incorrectly examined flanges to reappear on a project with faults, costing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Flange damage has the largest impact on these projects because it causes a delay in the building schedule, which costs the owner-operator weeks, months, and years of lost revenue.


To have great success in project flange facing protection is necessary. Proper method and procedure is essential for the client’s needs.

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