ThePipingMart Blog Price 6 Mo Tube Fittings Price List

6 Mo Tube Fittings Price List

6 Mo Tube Fittings

6 Mo Tube Fittings, also known as 6 Moly Pipe Fittings, are types of stainless steel pipe fittings designed to resist corrosion in extremely high temperatures. They are used in industries like chemical processing due to their high resistance level, even when exposed to chlorides and other corrosive materials. The 6 Moly alloy comprises 6 percent molybdenum, 24 percent chromium and trace elements like iron and nickel, making it highly corrosion-resistant while maintaining the structural integrity necessary for its use in pipes. This combination of properties makes the fittings suitable for applications involving fluctuating temperatures or large temperature differences between day and night. Additionally, DIN 1.4547 Double Ferrule Fitting can handle higher pressure ratings than non-alloyed stainless steel fittings because they will not suffer from stress cracking caused by repeated pressurization. These fitting types are often used in systems where extreme pressures are involved, such as oil pipelines or offshore facilities.

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6 Mo Tube Fittings Price

Description Price
DIN 1.4529 Compression Coupling US$ 6-120 / Piece
6 Mo Tube Connector US$ 3-20 / Piece
6Mo Compressor Fittings US$ 6-60 / Piece
DIN 1.4529 Cone and Thread Fittings US$ 6-60 / Piece
UNS N08926 6mo Compression Nut US$ 20-120 / Piece
1.4529 6mo Male Connector US$ 6-120 / Piece
6Mo Bulkhead Union US$ 20-120 / Piece
UNS N08367 Tube To Tube Union US$ 3-20 / Piece
6mo Steel Compression Tee US$ 6-120 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Stainless Steel 6 MO Instrumentation Tubes in India. For final 6 Mo Compression Nut price list please mail us. 

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