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Al6xn Fasteners Price List

Al6xn Fasteners

Al6xn Fasteners is a highly advanced fastening technology developed by 3M that offers the most reliable and secure bonding for lighter, stronger and thinner assemblies. Al6xn Fasteners are made of aluminium alloy and come in different sizes to accommodate various materials such as fabric, leather, upholstery or even pliable plastics. The unique design allows them to be inserted into pre-drilled holes without additional drilling. This makes installation much easier as compared to traditional methods. Stainless Steel AL6XN Fasteners also provide superior joint strength— making them ideal for applications where weight needs to be kept at a minimum while still providing maximum holding power. They are often used in automotive accessories like seat covers, door panels, headliners and airbags; aerospace components such as wing flaps; architectural applications such as signs and trims; marine components including boat seats; medical devices; consumer electronics products from mobile phones to tablets; HVAC parts like filters and blades systems the list goes on!

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Al6xn Fasteners Price

Description Price list
Al-6xn Sq U Bolt Uns N08367 U Bolts Fasteners US $ 0.1 / Piece
Hex Domed Cap Nuts in Al-6xn US $ 2.3-3 / Piece
Stainless Steel Al-6xn Stud Bolt C/W 2 Nuts Fasteners US $ 0.1-1 / Piece
Al-6xn, Uns N 08367 Hex Nut 1.4529 Coupling Nut Fasteners US $ 1.35-2 / Piece
Super Austenite Al-6xn N08367 Hex Nut Fasteners US $ 0.01-0.06 / Piece
DIN6330 Hexagon Nuts with a Height of 1.0d 1.5D 904L 1.4539 Al-6xn Hex Nut US $ 1.4-2 / Piece
Al-6xn Uns N08367 Hex Bolts Fasteners US $ 4-5 / Piece
Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts in 1.4529 Fasteners US $ 1.3-2 / Piece
1.4529 DIN933 Hex Head Bolts Fasteners US $ 36-50 / Piece
Al6xn Stud Bolts Fasteners Min. Order: 1 Piece
Please note this is an approx Cost of  Stainless Steel AI6XN Nuts  in India. For final  Stainless Steel AI6XN Hex Bolts Price list please mail us.

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