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Aluminium Sheet and Plate Price List

Aluminium Sheet and Plate

Aluminium Sheets and Plates are types of metal products that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The aluminium sheet is thin, flat, and lightweight, while the aluminium plate is thicker than the sheet but still relatively lightweight. Both types of aluminium can come in many different thicknesses, sizes, thickness tolerances, shapes (round bars, forged bars, hollow bars, hex bars) and even surface finishes. ASME SB209 Aluminium Plain Plate are ideal for structural components such as aircraft or riveted parts due to their stability over time.

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Aluminium Sheet Price

Description Price/KG In INR
1mm Aluminium Sheets Price 250
2mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 220
3mm Aluminium Alloy Sheets Prices 240
5mm Aluminium Plates Price List 250
6mm Aluminium Plates Prices 230
12mm Aluminium Plates Prices 325
20mm Aluminium Plates Prices 355
50mm Aluminium Plates Price List 365
63mm Aluminium Plates Price List 370

Aluminium Plate Price

Aluminium Plate Price US $1952.00-$3700.00 / Ton
Aluminium Hot Rolled Sheet Price US $1800.00-$2550.00 / Ton
Aluminium Plate Price List US $2200.00-$2440.00 / Ton
Aluminium Alloy Plate Price List US $0.50-$10.00 / Sheet
Aluminium Alloy Sheet Price US $2000.00-$3999.00 / Metric Ton
Aluminium Sheet Price List US $0.2-500 / Piece
Aluminium HR Sheet Price US $0.2-300 / Piece
Aluminium Shim Sheets Price US $0.1-500 / Piece
Aluminium Plates Price List in India US $0.3-400 / Piece
Price List of Aluminium Sheet US $0.1-200 / Piece

Aluminium Sheet and Plate Price

Price List For Commercial Aluminium Grade
Sr. No. Description Price/KG In INR
1 5mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
2 6mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
3 1mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
4 2mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
5 3mm Aluminium Sheets Prices 210
6 12mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
7 20mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
8 50mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210
9 63mm Aluminium Plates Prices 210

Please note this is an approx Cost of Aluminium Plate in India. For final Aluminium Alloy Sheet price list please mail us.

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