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Black Iron Steel Slip-on Flanges Price List

Black Iron Steel Slip-on Flanges

Black Iron Steel Slip-on-Flanges are pipe fittings used in a variety of applications. They provide an effective and economical way to make pipeline connections. ANSI 150Slip-on flanges consist of a circular ring that sits on top of the connected pipes, which helps form a tight connection between them. Generally made from black iron steel for durability and the ability to resist high temperatures, these flanges easily slip over the ends of metal pipes without any welding required. Additionally, their design allows for quick installation and easy maintenance and repair using standard tools like wrenches or sockets. Unlike other connection methods such as welding, slip-on flanges offer significant savings due to lower labor costs and reduced downtime from less stringent production requirements. Ultimately black iron steel slip-on flange’s versatility in terms of sizing options coupled with their low cost makes them an ideal choice for many applications in various industries like oil & gas, Petrochemical & Power Plants etc.

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Item No. Description Price Per length
72 BI Slip-on Flange, 1/2″, ANSI #150 126.4
73 BI Slip-on Flange, 3/4″, ANSI #150 164.25
74 BI Slip-on Flange, 1″, ANSI #150 176.93
75 BI Slip-on Flange, 1 1/4″, ANSI #150 227.45
76 BI Slip-on Flange, 1 1/2″, ANSI #150 240.3
77 BI Slip-on Flange, 2″, ANSI #150 404.15
78 BI Slip-on Flange, 2 1/2″, ANSI #150 454.85
79 BI Slip-on Flange, 3″, ANSI #150 556.25
80 BI Slip-on Flange, 4″, ANSI #150 732.83
81 BI Slip-on Flange, 5″, ANSI #150 884.91
82 BI Slip-on Flange, 6″, ANSI #150 1,073.78
83 BI Slip-on Flange, 8″, ANSI #150 1,732.47
84 BI Slip-on Flange, 10″, ANSI #150 2,412.66
85 BI Slip-on Flange, 12″, ANSI #150 3,918.33

Please note this is an approx Cost of Black Iron Steel Slip-on-Flanges Price in India. For final  Black Iron Steel Socket Weld Flanges Price list please mail us.

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Black Iron Steel Slip-on Flanges Price List

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