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Black Iron Welded Pipes Price List

Black Iron Welded Pipes

Black Iron Welded Pipes, also known as ERW (Electric Resistance Welding) pipes, are used for various engineering and industrial applications. Due to their high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, these pipes are mainly used to transport various liquids such as water, oil, gas, chemical waste, etc. Steel is formed into pipes through roll forming, which is put through several sets of rollers to achieve its desired shape. The steel then undergoes an electric resistance welding (ERW) process on its edges, connecting the two sides together. This eliminates the need for additional welding or reinforcement methods that only add cost and complexity to the production process. As a result, BI Welded Pipes have been widely adopted in a variety of industries around the world due to their low manufacturing costs and excellent performance characteristics. They can be customized depending on specific requirements, making them ideal for numerous structural applications such as fences, buildings etc., along with drainage systems and pipe works in plumbing projects where durability is essential.

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Welded Black Iron Steel Pipes

Item No. Description Price per length Remarks
1 BI Pipe, 1/2″, Sch40, Welded 452.99 6 meters / length
2 BI Pipe, 3/4″, Sch40, Welded 597.41 6 meters / length
3 BI Pipe, 1″, Sch40, welded 905.75 6 meters / length
4 BI Pipe, 1 1/4″, Sch40, Welded 1,235.32 6 meters / length
5 BI Pipe, 1 1/2″, Sch40, Welded 1,430.71 6 meters / length
6 BI Pipe, 2″, Sch40, Welded 1,909.97 6 meters / length
7 BI Pipe, 2 1/2″, Sch40, Welded 3,141.05 6 meters / length
8 BI Pipe, 3″, Sch40, Welded 3,923.92 6 meters / length
9 BI Pipe, 4″, Sch40, Welded 6,080.43 6 meters / length
10 BI Pipe, 5″, Sch40, Welded 8,253.53 6 meters / length
11 BI Pipe, 6″, Sch40, Welded 10,553.34 6 meters / length
12 BI Pipe, 8″, Sch40, Welded 13,895.50 6 meters / length
13 BI Pipe, 10″, Sch40, Welded 23,244.45 6 meters / length
14 BI Pipe, 12″, Sch40, Welded 30,174.15 6 meters / length

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