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Brass Check Valve Price List

Brass Check Valve

A brass check valve is a type of valve used in fluid systems, primarily plumbing systems. It is designed to allow only unidirectional flow and prevent reverse flow from happening. The IS 319 Grade 2 Brass check valve consists of a circular body with one or more holes for entry and exit, a hinged disc that can either open or close depending on the pressure of the fluid, and an elastomeric seal where the disc sits against when it’s closed. This valve prevents backflow by “checking” the system for any incidents in which the direction of fluid flow may be reversed. If this happens, the disc will open, allowing passage of more free-flowing liquid before closing again to prevent backflow occurrence. Brass check valves are often found on water pumps and are corrosion-resistant due to their brass construction material.

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Brass Check Valve Price

Description Price
IS 319 Grade 1 Brass 3000 Psi Check Valve US $ 0.5-5 / Piece
BS 2874 Cz121 Inline Check Valves US $ 0.78-5.6 / Piece
Brass Dual Check Valve US $ 2-59 / Piece
Brass Instrumentation Check Valve US $ 1 / Piece
IS 319 Grade 2 Brass 6000 Psi Check Valve US $ 2.05-2.09 / Piece
Brass Check Valve US $ 1-5 / Piece
3 Inch Brass Spring Check Valves US $ 1 / Piece
BS 2872 Cz121 Non Return Check Valves US $ 2.05-2.09 / Piece
Brass Swing Check Valve US $ 1-5 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Brass Check Valve in India. For final Brass Non Return Check Valves price list please mail us.

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