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Carbon Steel Valve Price List

Carbon Steel Valve

A carbon steel valve is a mechanical device used for controlling, regulating, and stopping fluid flow. It has various parts which are made up of carbon steel material. The benefits of using Carbon Steel A216 Flanged End Gate Valve for regulating the flow are durability, cost-effectiveness, and high-temperature resistance. Other advantages include excellent corrosion resistance in seawater applications and good erosion and abrasion-resistant properties. Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve are used in industries like power plants, petrochemical processing facilities, oil & gas pipelines and chemical plants, to name a few. In these extreme conditions, they provide optimum performance under high pressure & temperatures with minimum maintenance costs due to their superior strength & durability.

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Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve Price

Carbon Steel Valves Carbon Steel Valves Price list
Carbon steel electric flange V port ball valve US$ 52.00-US$ 60.00 / Unit
300mm Hand Lever Carbon Steel Disc Wafer Type Butterfly Valve US$ 15.00-US$ 100.00 / Piece
Bundor Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve Lockout Butterfly Valve With Spindle US$ 17.00-US$ 20.50 / Piece
12 inch 300mm cast carbon steel iron globe gate valve with prices US$ 8.80-US$ 998.00 / Piece
Standard High quality handle lever carbon steel gate valve dn50 US$ 10.00-US$ 50.00 / Set
Carbon Steel A216 Flanged End Gate Valve US$ 500.00 / Piece
Carbon Stainless Steel 2PC Flanged Ball Valve with Pneumatic Electric Actuator Check valve US $ 30-450 / Piece
2 Inch Carbon Steel Stellite Overlay Disc 150lbs Flanged RF Poppet Check Valve US $ 35 / Set
BS1868 Class 150/300/600 Carbon Steel Industrial Swing Type Check Valve Manufacturer US $ 55 / Piece
Carbon Steel Wcb Non Return Flange Poppet Check Valve Manufacturer US $ 10 / Set
Carbon Steel Body CF8 Disc Hard Sealed Butterfly Check Valve US $ 16.86-125.14 / Piece
API6d API594 A216 Wcb Dual Plate Carbon Steel Check Valve US $ 260 / Piece
Carbon Steel Lift (Voiceless) Check Valve Manufacturer  US $ 35 / Piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of Carbon Steel Valves in India. For final Carbon Steel Threaded Check Valves Price list please mail us.

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