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Clad Steel Plates Price List

Clad Steel Plates

A clad steel plate is a multi-layer composite steel plate comprising two or more different types of steel. It has been developed to help increase structural components’ strength and corrosion resistance, such as bridges, roofs and ships. Typically, the bottom layer provides high tensile strength while the top layer brings superior corrosion resistance properties; this combination can be tailored to specific requirements. Due to their excellent wear and heat resistance characteristics, Cladded Wear Plate are suitable for use in various industries, including construction and marine conditions. They are also ideal for cryogenic environments where enhanced protection from weathering is required. The unique application requirements mean clad metal plates can be used whenever an increased level of durability is needed or in situations where parts need additional protection against environment-related damage or failure.

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Cladded Plates Price

Products Price
6+6 Abrasion Resistant Cladded Hardfacing Plate $100 Per Ton
Chromium Carbide Cladded Wear Steel Plate $200 Per Ton
High Chromium Carbide Cladded Wear Steel Plate $100 Per Square Meter
Bi-Metal Cladded Wear Plate $600 Ton
3003 Cladded Aluminum Sheet/Plate $40 Per Kg
Chromiun Carbide Overlay Wear Plate Cladded Wear Liners 1500X3000mm $4.5 Per Kg

Stainless Steel Clad Plate Price

Clad Plates Description Clad Plates Price
Copper Clad Plate/ Titanium Clad Copper Sheet for Surface Treatment US $ 2900-4700 / Ton
Customizing ASME Nickel Hastelloy Clad Plate for Pressure Vessel  US $ 2900-4700 / Ton
Titanium Clad Tubesheet/Tube Plate (E004) US $ 800-1000 / Piece
Base Copper Clad Aluminim/Aluminum Plate US $ 2800-3399 / Ton
Clad Steel Plate for Pressure Vessel US $ 50-75 / kg
Stainless Steel Clad/Cladding Sheet /Plate US $ 1800-2300 / Ton
Titanium Stainless Steel Bimetallic Explosive Welding Clad Metal Plate US $ 1800-2300 / Ton
Titanium Clad Sheet/Plate US $ 20 / kg
Corrosion Preventive Titanium Clad Plate US $ 21.9-22.5 / kg

Please note this is an approx Cost of Clad Steel Plate in India. For final Stainless Steel Clad Plate price list please mail us.

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