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Molybdenum Round Bars Price List

Molybdenum Round Bars

Molybdenum Round Bars are rods or bars made of molybdenum, lustrous, silvery-white metal with an atomic number of 42 and the symbol Mo. Molybdenum ASTM B387 Round Bars have excellent strength at elevated temperatures, resist corrosion and oxidation in air environments up to 1,000°C and have a low friction coefficient. ASME SA387 Molybdenum Round Bars are used widely in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries due to their superior mechanical properties over other metals. Common applications include cutting tools such as drills, boring bars and bore reamers, and components for rocket engines like nozzles due to their wear resistance. Additionally, they can be found in various vacuum heat treatment hardware like valves, spinnerets etc., spark plugs for internal combustion engines using molybdenum electrode material, and nuclear power plants employing them in control rods, among many others.

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Grade 364 Round Bar Price

Molybdenum Rod Price List Price in India
Molybdenum ASTM B387 Type 361 Bar Price $65.00/ Kilogram
Grade 364 Round Bar Prices $50.00/ Kilogram
Pure Molybdenum Bar Price Per Kg $80.00-$100.00/ Kilogram
ASME SA387 Molybdenum Round Bar Price $50.00-$60.00/ Kilogram

Molybdenum Round Bar Price

Molybdenum ASTM B387 Type 361 Bars Price Price: Rs 50 / piece
ASME SA387 Molybdenum Round Bars Prices Price: Rs 70/ piece
Grade 365 Pure Molybdenum Bars Price Per Kg Price: Rs 90 / piece
A387 Molybdenum Grade 364 Rods Price Price: Rs 60 / piece
Black Molybdenum Bars Best Price Price: Rs 80 / piece
99.95% Pure Molybdenum Round Bar Price: Rs 90 / piece

Please note this is an approx Cost of  Molybdenum Round Bar Price in India. For final Molybdenum Grade 364 Rods Price list please mail us.

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