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Monel Bars Price List

Monel Bars

Monel Bars are a metal alloy made from a combination of mainly nickel and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. Adding other metals makes Monel exceptionally corrosion-resistant in harsh environments such as seawater and heat. ASTM SB164 Monel 400 also has high strength and excellent formability, making it ideal for use in fasteners such as bolts, valves and pumps. At the same time, its applications range from marine engineering to food processing. As a result of its durability and resistance to oxidation when exposed to different temperatures or corrosive media like steam or acids., UNS N04400 Round Bar have become essential in many industries, including aerospace, petrochemical plants, medical equipment manufacturing, etc.

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Monel Bar Price

Price List of Monel Round Bar Monel Round Bar Price in India (INR) Monel Round Bar Price in USD
Monel Bar Price Per Kg ₹ 3300 $ 42.17
Monel Rod Price Per Kg In India ₹ 4500 $ 53.10
Monel Round Bar Price ₹ 5300 $ 61.17
Monel Alloy Bar Price ₹ 6160 $ 70.72
Monel Round Bar Price Per Kg ₹ 4516 $ 53.44
Monel Hexagon Bar Price ₹ 2944 $ 32.07
Monel Square Bar Price ₹ 7623 $ 90.52
Monel Bar Diam 12.2x3500mm H12, ASTM B164 ₹ 6557 $ 82.60
Monel Flat Bar Price List ₹ 2100 $ 23.21

Monel 400 Round Bar Price

Description Monel Bar Price list in India
Monel 400 Round Bar US $ 0.3-10 / Piece
Monel 400 Round Rod US $ 24-26 / kg
Monel 2.4360 Round Bar US $ 32-46 / kg
Monel Alloy 400 Round Bar US $ 1000-4000 / kg
Monel 400 Round Bar for Industrial US $ 3600 / Ton
Nickel Alloy UNS N04400 Round Bar US $ 12.9-25.9 / kg
ASTM SB164 Monel 400 Round Bar US $ 2600-8100 / Ton
Good Performance Monel 400 Round Bar US $ 48-54 / kg

Monel K500 Round Bar Price

Description Price list of Monel K500 Round bar in India
Hot Rolled Turned Monel K500 Round Nickel Bar US $ 47-56 / kg
Monel Alloy K-500 UNS N05500 2.4375 Forged/Forging Steel Hollow Bars Round Flat Square Bars Rods(NiCu30Al, NA18, Alloy K500) US $ 1 / Piece
Nickel Alloy Monel K500 W. Nr 2.4375 Round Bar  US $ 900-1200 / Ton
Monel K500 Alloy Steel Round Bar US $ 1000-5000 / kg
Monel K500 / Uns N05500 Nickel Alloy Round Bar US $ 30-45 / kg
AMS 4676 Monel K500 Round Bar US $ 20-70 / kg
Nickel Alloy Monel K500 (2.4375/N05500) Bright Round Bar US $ 3800 / Ton
Monel K500 Nickel Round Bar US $ 14-19 / kg

Please note this is an approx Cost of Monel Square Bar in India. For final Monel Alloy 400 Round Bar list please mail us.

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